As we all know, crypto is taking over the world, and people use it as a safe digital asset that substitutes for well-known ordinary currencies. Our team researches the vast land of online gambling daily to give players updates and new information on the latest trends here on our site. The current page is a complete directory of cryptocurrencies, and gamblers can use the provided data to build know-how on betting with crypto. Find a list of the top-rated cryptocurrencies on the market and learn more about their suitability for online gaming using the detailed reviews written by our team of professionals. Choose a currency that will do you justice and get to betting! Remember, cryptocurrencies are the safest stakes!

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The top cryptocurrencies on the market and their suitability for online gaming

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What are Cryptocurrencies?

The use of cryptocurrencies has had spectacular growth in recent years, driven by the increasing interest in crypto investments. Cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum have gone from being only available as trading stock to being used in all types of services in our daily lives, such as online payments, mortgage payments, shops, and many more, thanks to their advantages such as anonymity, security, and lightning-fast payments. Thus, they are being incorporated in many business activities nowadays, such as the online gambling industry. In fact, online gambling has become much safer, private, and secure since the implementation of cryptocurrencies as an officially accepted payment method at a great number of online casino venues. Players worldwide have the chance to bet using their preferred cryptocurrency and some people even view gambling with crypto as an investment that has turned out to be very beneficial and rewarding, passing the test of time.

If online gambling with crypto is new to you, dont worry. CasinoLandia is here to give you all of the important information on how to enter the virtual currency world. Learn how to get started, how to buy, and how to play using Bitcoin, Ethereum, Litecoin, and other popular commonly used cryptos. Our team is here to guide you through the process of opening your digital crypto wallet, funding it with acquired coins, choosing your perfectly suitable online crypto casino, taking advantage of the best crypto bonuses, and enjoying every bit of your gambling experience with crypto. We are not sure about you, but we are extremely excited to reveal to you the magic of online gambling with cryptocurrencies so lets begin now!

Our Crypto Currencies Dedicate Reviews will Show you the Best Crypto Casinos Today!

It is considered that the history of cryptocurrencies began in 2008, in the midst of the global crisis. In October of that year, a user identified as Satoshi Nakamoto (it is not really known if it is the pseudonym of a real person or of a team, community, or organization) published a technical article explaining the fundamentals and operation of the Bitcoin, which gave the start of the cryptocurrency industry. Cryptocurrencies, simply explained, are the new digital currency led by blockchain technology which ensures full anonymity, encryption of sensitive data, and private storage of delicate details. Therefore, gambling online with cryptos ensures a much more private and secure way of transferring money without the involvement of third parties. Today there are hundreds of different virtual currencies used both as financial investments and to buy and sell goods and services over the internet.

Needless to say, the online gambling industry was one of the first spheres to open up to the implementation of cryptocurrencies and to step into what the future holds. Determined by the desire to be up-to-date with the latest trends happening worldwide, a huge variety of fine reputable online casino brands optimized their platforms to accept cryptocurrencies. In this article, we will talk you through all the specifics that you need to know if you are a new beginner who has the desire to start playing with cryptocurrencies, and we will list for you the best casino brands that are crypto-friendly and will welcome you generously! Casino logo Casino

Stake Casino logo

Stake Casino

Bitcoin Games Casino logo

Bitcoin Games Casino Casino logo Casino

BitVegas Casino logo

BitVegas Casino

BetFlip Casino logo

BetFlip Casino

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BitSpin Casino

DogsFortune Casino logo

DogsFortune Casino Casino logo Casino

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BC.Game Casino

7Bit Casino logo

7Bit Casino Casino logo Casino

Bitkingz Casino logo

Bitkingz Casino

Bitsler Casino logo

Bitsler Casino

BitStarz Casino logo

BitStarz Casino

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DuoBetz Casino

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BitBet24 Casino

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Casoo Casino

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CosmicSlot Casino

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OhMyZino Casino

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Casobet Casino

Kryptosino Casino logo

Kryptosino Casino

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Axe Casino

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Casitsu Casino

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NeedForSpin Casino

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SkyCrown Casino

CasinoLandia, im New To Crypto! What do I Do?

There are different ways to start trading with cryptocurrencies depending on the type of operations we want to carry out. The most common ways to get started are the cryptocurrency exchanges like Binance, which are platforms where we can buy, sell and trade cryptocurrencies. To do that you also have to open a digital wallet. There are a large number of these types of platforms with different options, but they are all based on the acquisition of the asset. The most popular platforms where you can open a crypto wallet are Coinbase, Atomic, and Exodus. Before you can start placing deposits and withdrawing your funds with crypto while gambling at online casinos, you have to create a digital crypto wallet for yourself.

Wthether you are just starting your process of gaming with crypto, or you are a well-experienced player, dont worry, our team at CasinoLandia is here to talk you through the process of a few simple steps. The first step is to go to a trustworthy and reputable website These sites are professionals in the field and will explain to you step by step all the details that you need to provide in order to open your first digital crypto wallet. After opening your wallet and funding it with your preferred cryptocurrency, it is time for you to choose your preferred crypto-friendly online casino.

On CasinoLandia you will find an enriched collection of extensively reviewed crypto casinos that you can choose from! After making your choice, you simply have to register and verify an account. Then go to the Cashier on the betting site and select your wallet as a preferred payment method. All thats left to do is enter the amount of money you would like to deposit – click the playing button and start your wild crypto gambling experience!

News and Articles about Cryptocurrencies

Investing in Crypto Currency – Not for the Faint of Heart

When starting with cryptocurrencies, first of all, you have to take into account the risks of cryptocurrencies that can be associated with this type of investment. It is very important to know what you are going to invest in and therefore to know the advantages and risks that you are taking. You should start with more well-known digital currencies such as Bitcoin and Ethereum. As volatile as the market is, these two assets are the strongest in the market. Also, dont forget to only invest the money that you are willing to lose and do not need in the short term. In addition, it is recommended to invest little at the beginning and to familiarise yourself with the market. The key here is in the long term, so have a vision for the future.

In general, we suggest you gamble responsively and set yourself limits regarding how much you can afford to spend, and never go beyond your limit. Thats how healthy gambling etiquette is developed. In addition to this, many bettors view gambling with crypto as another form of investment since when you bet with crypto and you win a certain amount of money, chances are you might be winning more than you expect. Thats because the value of your preferred cryptocurrency might rise up at any point, causing significant growth in your bank account.

The Most Used Cryptocurrencies in the Online Gambling World

Below, we have listed for you the most commonly used cryptocurrencies in the online gambling world at the moment. We would like to discuss the main differences between these top popular cryptocurrencies so that you can easily choose which one is the best for you to gamble with. The following cryptocurrencies have been launched first and have gotten introduced to the world first, so it comes as no surprise that they have gained the most popularity nowadays. Lets give you an insight now!


Being the first decentralized digital currency that was launched to the auditory of the whole entire world, Bitcoin has turned out to be a greatly successful invention. Financial data, as well as personal details, are considered to be sensitive and delicate details that are stacked securely in blockchain technology. If you dont know what blockchain is, this is a ledger that is publicly distributed and ensures total anonymity. Mostly every online casino that has optimized its platform to accept cryptocurrencies as an official payment method has begun by accepting Bitcoin as this is the most famous and widely spread cryptocurrency of all time.


Another open-source blockchain that is widely used as a new payment method at a great number of online casinos is the decentralised cryptocurrency called Ethereum! This digital cryptocurrency has been launched to the world right after Bitcoin started taking off. Being the second-most popular cryptocurrency after Bitcoin, Ethereum is accepted in various online casino venues, taking into account that according to experts in the field of digital money and the global financial market, its value is growing with time. We at CasinoLandia list for you thousands of tested and proven crypto casino brands that accept Ethereum so check their full reviews out!


You can definitely tell that the online gambling world is developing to become a much more innovative and modern-oriented place due to the massive digitalization, including the implementation of digital currencies. Popular cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin are widely used in many online casino venues. Taking into account that it is fairly easy for investors to gamble with their favorite cryptos and potentially increase the value of their crypto account with more winnings, gambling with Dogecoin is promised to gain even more popularity in the near future. Become a part of this by joining your favorite crypto casino now and start betting with beneficial cryptocurrencies like Dogecoin as soon as possible!


If you want to start placing bets fast, safe, and tax-free while only using your digital crypto wallet, meaning that your transactions wont go through third parties which again guarantees higher security, then we strongly suggest you start gambling with yet another compulsively popular cryptocurrency called Tether! There are many Tether-accepting online casino venues that stand out with constantly upgraded software, innovative technics, and modern mechanics that make gambling feel easy like a breeze. At CasinoLandia, you will find a huge diversity of crypto casinos that accept Tether as a payment method so hesitate no more and jump right into this new exciting adventure that will introduce you to numberless winning opportunities to boost your bank balance tremendously!

Popular forms of CryptoCurrency

Wondering which cryptocurrency to start with? Our team at CasinoLandia is here to help you make your choice fast and easy by providing you with the latest pieces of information regarding the crypto market! Here are the most popular digital coins at the moment:rn

CryptoCurrencies and Casinos – a Match Made in Heaven

The use of cryptocurrencies in the online casino industry, as mentioned above, is becoming more widespread due to its many advantages. Extremely high safety, security, and privacy levels combined with lightning-fast proceeded payments that have no additional costs such as fees and taxes are only some of the biggest benefits that you can experience if you choose to start betting with cryptocurrencies. For this specific reason, more and more players prefer online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies as a form of payment. In fact, we are not surprised by the popularity they are gaining since it is sure to say that this tendency will keep growing in popularity in the future. The main cryptocurrencies that are usually accepted are Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among others.

CasinoLandia is the best place for you to find tested, secure, and reliable betting sites that not only offer high-quality iGaming services but are also pliant to new innovative modern changes for the better such as the implementation of cryptocurrencies as an officially accepted payment method. If you want to play using your favorite cryptocurrency, dont forget to check the list of digital currencies supported by the venue and start enjoying your gambling like you never imagined! Make sure you check out our extensive crypto casino reviews in which we break down in pieces every little detail of the online casino in question so that you can get familiar with the brand and decide whether it suits your expectations and gambling needs!

Horus Casino Crypto First Deposit Bonus 300% up to €600

Hazcasino Crypto First Deposit Bonus 200% up to 200€

Fortune Panda Crypto First Deposit Bonus 150% up to €300

SkyCrown Casino Crypto Bonus – 10% Weekly Cashback

OhMyZino Casino Crypto Bonus – 120% up to €500

BitSpin Casino Crypto Welcome Bonus – 100% up to 1BTC + 200 FS Casino Crypto Welcome Bonus – 100% up to 1BTC + 100 FS

CryptoCurrencies and iGaming Trends

Cryptocurrencies have been in the digital market for more than two decades, however, in recent years they have taken the spotlight. Some online casinos nowadays offer crypto games, which are aimed at the use of virtual currencies as payment methods. This trend is surely going to continue, and in the future players can expect to find crypto-specific games at more venues. Due to the hundreds of cryptocurrencies that have been taking over the market lately, online gamblers can also expect to find more digital currencies offered as a form of payment method at their favourite casinos. There is a huge number of crypto-friendly online casinos that offer extra special entraining titles that have been designed especially for the gambling needs of crypto players only. We are beyond happy about the new additions to the iGaming market that make it even more fun, entraining, and beneficial to players!

We are still at the beginning of the crypto-era, so we are sure that virtual currencies will continue taking over our daily lives. Online casinos will also continue using this form of payment, and adapting the way they function to meet the demands of the ever-growing number of crypto-gamblers.

CryptoCurrency and Excusive Casino Bonuses

Thanks to the popularity of cryptocurrencies such as Bitcoin, more and more online casinos accept this form of payment. Some online casinos even offer special promotions which are tailored for crypto-users and can bring you prizes worth up to thousands of dollars. As we already mentioned, more and more casino brands offer special games developed to fit the needs of crypto-players only. The same applies to the exclusive promotional deals that are designed to meet the highest requirements of crypto players and can be claimed at a great number of crypto-friendly online casino venues listed on our site! Such casinos strive to make the gambling experience as pleasant and delightful to crypto players as possible so that more bettors can ensure themselves of the unquestionable advantages of betting with cryptos and join the online gambling world by using a preferred cryptocurrency.

1xBit for example is a great choice for all online gamblers that want to play using crypto. New users at the site can pocket a sign-up bonus of up to 7 BTC for their first four deposits, which means that you can eahousands in extra bonus cash. 7Bit Casino also stands out with its welcome offer of 100% of your deposit within the limit of 1.5 BTC, plus also 100 Free spins for your favourite slot games. BC.Game is another generous casino that has a reward for crypto players. Register at their site and you will be eligible for a generous welcome offer of 180% Up to 1 BTC, plus daily lucky free spins!

What are you waiting for? Start your casino journey using your preferred cryptocurrency and claim a massive welcome bonus when you join one of the best crypto casinos listed on our site. We are by your side and ready to help you explore

The Most Used Cryptocurrencies Apps for Trading and Casino Deposits

As we mentioned above in the article, our team at CasinoLandia is here to guide you step by step through the process of starting your gambling experience with crypto! First of all, a step you have to take if you are a new beginner and you have zero knowledge about cryptocurrencies and how to use them in the online gambling world is to educate and inform yourself correctly using trustworthy and reputable sources of information that list only proven pieces of information. Such sites,which offer proven pieces of information that you need to read in order to get familiar with how gambling with crypto actually works. Well, it is fairly easy to understand and simple to learn since all you have to do is open yourself a digital crypto wallet and fund it with such acquired coins.

After you are done with that, the next step is to find your preferred online casino brand! This is even easier since you are on the right path to finding the finest crypto casino at CasinoLandia! Browse through our extensive crypto casino reviews and explore their qualities until you find the one casino that matches your gambling needs perfectly! Then, registering an account and verifying it comes naturally as part of the KYC and Personal Identification procedures of most casinos. Choosing your preferred payment method happens when you go to the Cashier at the betting site and select your digital crypto wallet. Enter the amount you want to deposit and hit the playing button! Thats how crypto casinos work – quick, easy, and safe!

Our Conclusion on Cryptocurrencies – Everything you Need to Know

Overall, our team at CasinoLandia suggests every player, whether you have or dont have experience and knowledge regarding cryptocurrencies in the online gambling world, try betting with crypto at least once to see if you prefer it better. We can say with confidence that the vast majority of players who try gambling with popular cryptocurrencies like Bitcoin, Ethereum, Dogecoin, Tether, and others, have never gone back to the usual fiat online casinos. Thats because the benefits of betting with crypto are unbearable – lightning-fast, tax-free, and highly secured transactions make online betting better than it has ever been. And by better, we mean, safer, more beneficial, and faster. On this site, we share with you our team of experts honest opinions on multiple gambling-related topics that we have done deep research on. Well, the popular topic of online gambling with cryptocurrencies has our total unquestionable approval!

You Asked, We Answered!

Why are crypto casinos better than the usual fiat online casinos?

Crypto-accepting online casinos are better than the usual fiat casinos because of their tax-free, lightning-fast, and highly secured transactions!

Why should I start gambling with cryptocurrencies?

You can consider gambling with cryptocurrencies because of the long list of benefits that come along with this choice!

Is gambling with cryptocurrencies more beneficial than gambling with the usual fiat methods of payment?

Yes, when you bet with crypto and you win a certain amount of money, chances are you might be winning more than you expect. Thats because the value of your preferred cryptocurrency might rise up at any point, causing significant growth in your bank account.

What are the best online casinos that accept cryptocurrencies as a payment method?

Above in the article, you can find a great diversity of the finest online crypto-friendly casinos – read their comprehensive reviews by CasinoLandia's team!

What cryptocurrency should I choose to gamble with?

When you are a new beginner, we suggest you start gambling with one of the main cryptocurrencies that are usually accepted such as Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin, among others.

What to do if I want to start gambling with cryptocurrencies?

In order to start gambling with cryptocurrencies, you have to first open yourself a digital crypto wallet and acquire such coins in it. Above in the article, we teach you exactly how to do it!

What are the latest iGaming trends that include cryptocurrencies?

Some online casinos nowadays offer crypto games, which are aimed at the use of virtual currencies as payment methods. This trend is surely going to continue, and in the future players can expect to find crypto-specific games at more venues.

Are there specific crypto casino games?

Yes, there is a huge number of crypto-friendly online casinos that offer extra special entraining titles that have been designed especially for the gambling needs of crypto players only.

What are the most commonly used cryptocurrencies in the online gambling world?

Bitcoin, Ethereum, Bitcoin Cash, Dogecoin, and Litecoin are the most commonly used cryptocurrencies in the online gambling world.

How to deposit at an online casino using cryptocurrency?

You can deposit with cryptocurrency at your preferred crypto-friendly online casino by registering an account, opening a digital crypto wallet, selecting it as your preferred payment method, and placing your first deposit!