Baccarat Online Casino Explorer – CasinoLandia's Guide Will Have you Playing This Elegant Game like an Expert

Baccarat is among the most popular casino games played by millions of people throughout the world. A slow-paced and elegant game, Baccarat is easy to learn and get into regardless of the player ‘s past experience with casino games. Even though luck is the driving factor behind all Baccarat games, there is still no shortage of strategies and techniques you can implement to increase your odds of winning and to have an overall better experience while playing this fantastic casino game.rnrnIn this Baccarat guide, we will go into more depth about the rules of the game. We will cover some commonly used winning strategies, review some popular online Baccarat providers, and recommend the hottest Baccarat casinos for you to choose from, and answer any questions you may still have. Be sure to continue reading down below.

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5/ 5 (100%)

Baccarat Online – One of a King Game!

Baccarat is one of the old classics when it comes to card games. It comes in RNG and live dealer variants. The game is extremely exciting and adrenaline-boosting, yet it is said to be very simple to play. Therefore, the game is preferred by bettors with almost no experience in the online gambling world since it is considered to be a game of chance rather than a game of skill.

However, there are still many strategies and tips you can follow to boost your winning chances and understand the betting odds better to have much more successful gameplay. Our team of professionals is determined to talk you through the most helpful tips and tricks on smart strategies you can use and explain to you the difference between the different Baccarat variations. As well as reveal to you what are the best online casino brands that offer this game in their impressive game collections. Let ‘s get started!

World Famous Baccarat Casinos that Won Our Approval

First things first, let's reveal the most rewarding online gambling places, which you can join to gamble on Baccarat. Of course, this game is widely played in both brick-and-mortar casinos and online casinos. However, the main focus of this article is going to be the online casino brands with Baccarat. Remember that all of these startling casinos we will now list for you have gotten the highest ratings and have been fully reviewed in detail by our team – you can read their comprehensive reviews by clicking on the links!

To begin with, Tsars Casino is a top-class casino brand that has been operating in the iGaming market since 2020 and has already gained a great worldwide reputation for its capability to ensure the fairness and transparency of the gaming process! The casino's platform is multilingual, multi-currency, mobile-compatible, lightning-fast, and crypto-friendly, which affects the overall quality of your experience very positively. Whatsmore, here you will find over 3000 entertaining titles as well as many thrilling live dealer games developed by top-tier software developers!

Casoo Casino is our second suggestion that we find absolutely outstanding in the competitive iGaming world! The space theme of this casino and its superb gamification make it unique and even more exciting. With more than 3000 games and over 50 live dealer options, the casino is one of the best choices you can make at the moment!

Wisho Casino is yet another amazing option for you that comes along with many positive surprises through your whole process of gaming! At first glance, the site stands out with superb graphics and gamification features, as well as a lightning-fast speed of the interface. Again, here you will get access to over 3000 entertaining titles and more than 60 live dealer games that will surely keep your attention for the long term.

Continuing with Winnerz Casino, a well-known casino brand that has been providing players with high-quality gambling services for a long period of time now! Winners partners with some of the leading top-notch software developers such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Microgaming, and others that launch their latest releases to the site of this casino, making it possible for you to enjoy them first!

History Timeline of Baccarat

Now let ‘s dive deeper into the intriguing history of the game of Baccarat – lay back and get ready to read some engaging pieces of information! Did you know that all 10s and face cards have a value of zero? Well, they do, and the game ‘s name comes from the Italian word öbaccara,” which means zero. In fact, this is an Italian invention since its history dates back to the 1400s when it was initially invented by Felix Falguierein – an Italian ardent gambler.

Legend says Felix was inspired by old Etruscan folklore when he came up with the game of Baccara. The Etruscan story follows a woman that threw dice with nine sides. If she got an 8 or a 9, she would become a priestess, a 7 or a 6, she would stay alive but lose her priestly roles, and if she threw a lower value than 6, she would be sentenced to death.

Once the game started to be played with standard playing cards and not medieval-era tarot cards, the game made its way to France. Step by step, the game became popular in the whole of Europe, and as the punch line goes – the rest is history!

News and Articles about Baccarat

Baccarat Rules

As we already mentioned, there are no actual gambling skills required to start gambling on Baccarat, and even new beginners will have no problem with starting from scratch and making their way up. Even though Baccarat is considered a game of chance and gambling on it is said to be very simple and easy to understand, every bettor needs to inform himself of the basic rules of the game in order to play it in the most efficient and beneficial way possible.

When you launch your game of Baccarat, you need to be aware of the three possible outcomes. The aim is to predict which hand will be closer in value to a 9, the players and or the bankers, or bet on a tie between both with tokens, checks, or chips. Baccarat is played with 3 to 6 standard 52-card decks shuffled together, dealt by the croupier, and all you need to do is place your bet, sit back, and trust your luck while hoping for the best.

How to Play Baccarat in 7 Steps

Choose the Best Strategies for Playing Baccarat

As we already mentioned, although Baccarat is a game of chance that is played in a very simple way, there are some strategies that you can use to help you boost your winning odds. First of all, we suggest you never make a tie bet! The reason why you should not make a tie bet at any costs is that it drains your wallet dramatically, and even though it has the best payout, it also has the worst odds of winning. If you want to use an optimal betting strategy instead, we suggest you bet with the Banker always. This is the safest and simplest Baccarat strategy you can use, and this can easily be proven with simple math calculations that have been made by professionals through the years.

Betting on the Banker Hand

The simplest and easiest to follow Baccarat strategy is to always place your bets on the banker. Why? Well, the pure mathematics statistics are what cuts it. You actually don ‘t have to be an expert mathematician to figure out why the banker hand bets are more beneficial. The house edge for bets on the banker is only 1.06%, which is pretty low and much more in your favor compared to the player hand house edge of 1.24%. The RTP of the banker's hand is a staggering 98.94%, which is close to the looping 99% RTP, while the players hand RTP is 98.76%. A bet on a tie is only 85.64%. It's clear that the banker's hand is more likely to win statistically than the player's hand.

The Martingale System in Baccarat

The Martingale System is a bit more advanced as it brings higher risk. However, it can be beneficial to your gameplay and simple to get used to once you start applying it in your Baccarat sessions. The system suggests that payouts will get very close to the RTP in longer betting rounds. Thus, what you have to do is double your bet after each loss until you eventually hit a win, decrees it by half after, and keep on repeating the process. This theory suggests that you should continue until you win. As you can see, the success rate of this theory is almost 100 percent. The exact opposite strategy, which you can also apply, is the Paroli System which suggests doubling your bet after each win to increase your cashouts.

The Fibonacci Strategy in Baccarat

The Fibonacci Strategy is one of the most commonly used, famous betting strategies in card games, and it has found its implementation in Baccarat as well. To apply this strategy, the size of your bets after a loss shall be dictated by the Fibonacci sequence of numbers – 0, 1, 1, 2, 3, 5, 8, 13, 21, etc. Every following number from the sequence is a total sum of the previous two numbers. The idea is that if you keep on increasing your bet after each loss, eventually, you will hit a win that will return back to you the money from the lost bets and a significant win on top.

Baccarat Lingo

Just like every casino game, Baccarat has its own lingual specifics that are in fact very intriguing and we will now explain the meaning behind them to you in the simplest way possible! First of all, you already understood that the game has three possible outcomes. The Player hand is the hand of two cards that are dealt by the croupier to you. It is also known as Punter hand. The Banker hand represents the house. Making a tier means that you guess that the Player hand and the Banker hand will have an equal value. The dealing machine in which the shuffled cards are put at the beginning of the gameplay is oftentimes called a öshoe”.

The Best Software Providers that Offer Baccarat Games

Many developers of software gaming solutions for online casinos have focused their strengths on developing Baccarat casino games. You can find anything from classic Baccarat with stunning visuals, great graphics, and gorgeous designs to creative Baccarat variations, such as Speed baccarat, No Commission Baccarat, Infinite Baccarat, Baccarat with a live dealer, and more, created by the biggest brands in the industry. Such as NetEnt, Evolution Gaming, Wazdan, Habanero, and others. They have used the latest mechanics and technologies to implement plenty of side features and great functionalities in their Baccarat games.

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Evolution Gaming

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Understanding the Betting Odds in Baccarat

One of the most important things you need to learn before you start gambling on Baccarat is the betting odds and the payouts of the hands. Our team will now talk you through the engaging specifics of this game ‘s payouts. First of all, let ‘s clear up some basic details – cards from 2 to 9 have the value of their faces while the 10s and all face cards have a value of zero while every Ace card has a value of 1. Keeping this in mind, you need to guess which hand has a total value closer to 9 – if the value of a hand is over 9, the croupier removes the first digit of the sum.

If you bet on Player Hand, you assume that the Player hand has a value closer to 9 than the Banker hand value. In this case, it pays double or evens as an example if you place 20 EUR, you win another 20 EUR, and the total payout is 40 EUR. On the other side, if you choose to bet 20 EUR on Banker Hand and it wins, you will get 19 EUR in winnings due to a 1% commission for the house which brings you a total of winnings of 49 EUR. The tie bet payout is the highest of 8:1, therefore, if you bet 20 EUR and it wins, you will get 160 EUR in winnings, bringing you a total of 180 EUR. However, the last scenario happens very rarely and in most cases, you lose a lot of money by making a tie bet.

Baccarat Game Variations – Is Something Better Than Original

Taking into account that the game of Baccarat has been invented back in the 1400s and has been widely popular in various regions of the world, it is completely normal that there are multiple variants of the game that have been released through the years. However, the most popular Baccarat variants are Punto Banco, Chemin de For, and Mini Baccarat. The first one, Punto Banco is also called an American Baccarat and stands out with a few details such as a 5% house commission on all Banker hand winnings, the house always banks the game, and due to fixed house rules, both the Player hand and the Banker hand are executed. What ‘s very intriguing about Chemin de For is that you as a player can become the Banker and be in charge of the Banker hand. In this variant of the game, you can also decide whether the Player or the Banker should be given a third card by the croupier. The Mini Baccarat game is also very interesting since it is a low-limit version of Punto Banco with only one dealer white you have the rights to deal out cards, however, in this version you can ‘t be the Banker. Overall, the gameplay here is much quicker than the standard Baccarat game.

RNG Baccarat or Baccarat in a Live Dealer Sessions

What makes RNG casino games such as Baccarat different from live dealer games is that you can enjoy them at your own pace. They come in many different versions developed by top-notch leading software developers that deliver exclusive experience due to stunning graphics, unique visuals, and designs. However, Baccarat live dealer game sessions have an authentic atmosphere of a real land-based casino that you can easily feel once the game starts. You can place bets even after the game has started and communicate with top-class professional live dealers. What ‘s more, all of these Baccarat live games are streamed live 24/7 from real casino studios using 4K quality cameras that ensure an all-angle view for all players!

You Asked, We Answered!

Question that Players Asked For!

What is Baccarat?

Baccarat is a famous, classic card game that comes in RNG and live dealer variants u2013 very simple to play, yet extremely exciting and attention-keeping!

How to play Baccarat?

You need to wager using tokens, checks, or chips on the Bank hand, Player hand, or make a tie bet so place a bet and sit back. The aim is to guess correctly which hand has a total value that is closer to 9.

Is Baccarat a game of chance or skill-based?

There are no actual gambling skills required to start gambling on Baccarat and even new beginners will have no problem with starting from zero and making their way up.

Where to gamble on Baccarat?

Our team has reviewed in depth a great range of top-class online casinos that offer Baccarat in their impressive game collections so read their full reviews on our site!

What are the different variants of Baccarat?

Popular and commonly played Baccarat variants are Punto Banco, Chemin de For, Speed Baccarat, Infinite Baccarat, and Mini Baccarat.

What strategies should I use for Baccarat?

If you want to use an optimal, safe, and beneficial betting strategy, we suggest you bet with the Banker always.

What are the betting odds in Baccarat?

The Player hand doubles or evens, the Banker hand has a 1% house commission, and the tie bet payout is the highest of 8:1, however, it has by far the worst winning odds.

Should I play RNG or live dealer Baccarat?

What makes RNG casino games such as Baccarat different from live dealer games is that you can enjoy them at your own pace. However, Baccarat live games have a different authentic atmosphere from a real land-based casino and are much more adrenaline-boosting. In the end, it is up to your gambling needs and specific preferences – you will not make a mistake with choosing either.