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Welcome to the ultimate CasinoLandia Guide for playing the startling game of Craps! Our team is beyond delighted to reveal to you all the secrets of this classic cherished casino game that has an enriched history timeline, intriguing beginning, and even more engaging present. As professionals in the field of online gambling, we strive to talk you through all the thrilling casino games that one can enjoy once joining a top-notch casino brand. Therefore, we are exhilarated to share with you all the specifics of the game of Craps, starting from where it originates and going through all the innovations that have been implemented in its gameplay nowadays. We are also elevated to introduce you to the finest online casino venues that offer this game and its variants in their impressive game collections. Overall, Craps is an old but gold classic in the betting world that originated firstly as Krabs in 1788 as an English variant of the game of Hazard. Later on, Craps developed as we know it today in 1805 in the US. Played with the simple roll of dice, this game is easy to understand, fun to play, and even more, fun to discover all kinds of strategies to win.rnrnRoll the Craps dices with CasonoLandia, where we selected the best Crabs casinos and reviewed them in greater detail for you to play the hottest, most intriguing, and rewarding Craps sessions!

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Craps Online – Seven-Eleven Game

When betting on the game of Craps online, you simply have to guess the outcomes of a pair of dice and bet on it. If your guess is correct, you win. This game is played with two dice and is said to be extremely easy to understand and simple to learn since it doesn ‘t require any specific betting skills or knowledge. Of course, there are some rules and gaming etiquette that we will talk you through in this article but overall, betting on Craps is fun, easy, and lightweight. The random chance of winning while playing this game is very high. Did you know that the other name of the game is Seven-Eleven? Well, that ‘s because the main number that the player chooses in every betting session is always seven. And the reason why exactly seven is that this is the choice that is most optimal in terms of mathematics. View and use this article as your ultimate guide for playing Craps as our team is determined to give you an insight into even the smallest detail of this game and break it to you piece by piece! Let ‘s get started!

World Famous Craps Casinos that Won Our Approval

First of all, we are about to introduce you to our list of suggested online casino brands that offer the game of Craps in their splendid game collections! We are delighted to announce that all of these startling casino brands have been extensively reviewed by our team of professionals so we suggest you read their full in-depth reviews now to choose which casino venue is perfectly suitable to your specific personal preferences! Moreover, among the following online casinos, there are both newly-launched and well-established venues so consider this too when making your choice.

Crazy Fox is an outstanding gambling site, licensed by the MGA and managed by N1 Interactive Ltd. The venue offers a smashing 20% Cashback Bonus to its players dedicated to the site. And offers direct bets into your local currency, such as EUR, USD, ZAR, PLN, NOK, CAD, NZD, ZAR, and JPY. And has 1000+ casino games, slots included, table games, lottery games, like craps, keno, and bingo, and live dealer games. All by hot developers, such as NetEnt, Microgaming, Evolution Gaming, and Betsoft.

SkyCrown Casino is a fun gambling website with a large selection of 6000+ casino games. Including craps, lottery-styled games, scratchcards, slot machines, table games, and live casino games by top-notch providers, like 1×2 Gaming, Big Time Gaming, and Yggdrasil. It supports its site in 9+ national languages, making it easy to navigate through from players from different countries and regions. These include English, German, Norwegian, French, and Italian. The casino is mobile-friendly and has a generous VIP system.

Duelbits Casino is a highly safe and fair online casino with certification by the Government of Curacao. The venue has 2000+ slots in its portfolio, table games with interesting gameplay and elegant tables, lottery games with high rewards, and live casino games. There are over 20+ providers available on their sites, such as Play ‘n Go, Endorphina, Evolution Gaming, and more. It also accepts crypto payments, including Bitcoin, Litecoin, Dogecoin, Bitcoin Cash, and Ethereum Classic.

Gioo Casino is a generous venue that welcomes players to their bright and cheerful platform with Welcome Bonuses of up to €500 + 225 Free Spins, Monday Deposit Bonuses, Free Spins, and many more. It has 5000+ casino games, lottery games, card games, table games, and live dealer games. And works with proven developers, like NetEnt, Red Tiger, Yggdrasil, and Pragmatic Play. The casino supports many payment solutions, including iDebit, Neosurf, PaySafeCard, MasterCard, Skrill, and more.

History Timeline of Craps

Did you know that the game of Craps was at its peak of popularity during World War II? Well, due to the fact that a great number of young American men from different social classes have been brought together for a reason, they used Craps as a distraction and a form of entertainment during this harmful time. The shooting surface for this dice game was a simple blanket that they used. So it is sure to say that part of the reasons why this game become such a dominant casino game later on in time is the strong military memories that these men have had. However, the beginning of this dice game dates back to 1788, when it was first created as öKrabs” to be a much simpler English version of the game of Hazard. Being a western European game, Hazard is a skill-based game that requires knowledge in many aspects. However, Craps developed to be a much simpler and easy-to-understand game in the United States. The main difference between the game of Hazard and Craps is that in Hazard, the player (also called the dice shooter) has the right to choose a number from 5 to 9 as the main number, however, the main number in Craps always remains 7.

Craps as we know it nowadays started spreading worldwide after the 1960s from Europe, Macao, and Australia, and the boosting of the popularity of online casinos that began in the mid-1990s caused Craps to spread all around the world. A fun fact is that in the past, casinos used unfair dice for playing Craps. However, after John H. Winn, who was a dice-maker, invented an innovative layout of the game which featured bets on Pass and Don ‘t Pass, all casinos started using it, and it forced them to start using fair dice as they do nowadays.

News and Articles about Craps

Craps Rules

Craps can be quite confusing to beginners at first, but once you get the hang of it, you realize it ‘s actually much simpler. The purpose of the game is to roll the two dices of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, and roll that same number again to win. The round ends at any point where a 7 is rolled, and you lose your bet. The number from 4 to 10 that you manage to land with the dice is called a ‘point ‘, and players rolling the dice are called ‘shooters. ‘

You can pick a virtual chip with a specific bet size from the left side and place it on the wagering board. There are several types of Craps bets. The two main bets, the Pass Line Bet, wins if on the first roll you roll a dice of 7 or 11, while 2, 3, or 12 results in a loss. The Don ‘t Pass Bet roll 2 or 3 rolls to win, 12 is a push, and 7 or 11 loses. But the main winning rules of Craps also apply for these two bets to win. Additionally, you have many other mini-side bets in the game.

To start the Craps rolling dices, you click the ‘Roll ‘ button and the ‘Rebet ‘ option to re-bet your previous bets from the round.

How to Play Craps in a Few Steps

Choose the Best Strategies for Playing Craps

There are several betting strategies to apply when playing Craps. The Pass Line strategy is the simplest strategy for Craps which suggests only placing safer bets on the pass line on the come-out roll. It has a low house edge of 1.41% and gets you a good amount of 2x your bet. The Don ‘t Pass strategy is somewhat the opposite, as this time, you bet on the Don ‘t Pass bet in the come-out roll. If a 12 is rolled on a Don ‘t Pass bet, you will not win, but you will not lose either as your bet is returned back to you. Both of these Craps strategies are beginner-friendly.

If you are a more experienced player in Craps, you can try the Craps Odds strategy in this strategy, bettors bet that the shooter will roll a 7 before rolling a point. The odds of a 7 rolling are higher, but the payout is lower with odds bets. In the Craps Press strategy, the player places bets in a press-and-pull progression. Simply put, players increase their bet after each place your bets round and pull out their wins after that bet lands four times. The 6/8 Craps Strategy suggests placing your bets on 6 and 8 as these numbers have the second-largest odds of rolling after the 7.

Pass Line Craps Strategy

First things first, the pass line craps strategy is used when the player decides to make a pass line bet rather than a Don ‘t pass bet when shooting the dice. When making a Pass line bet, you have to comply with the table minimum and maximum. This is a contract bet which will make the shooter win and pays even money. There are three main outcomes that may happen. The first one is the most favorable when the come-out roll is 7 or 11 – this is when you win! The second one causes you to lose if the come-out roll is 12, 3, or 2. The dice establish a point if the value of the come-out roll is any other. However, if you roll that point again before 7, you actually win. On the other hand, you lose if a 7 is rolled before the established point is rolled again. The house edge of this strategy is 1,41%.

Don't Pass/Don't Come Craps Strategy

If you want to use another popular strategy, it will be the Don ‘ Pass/Don ‘t Come to Craps Strategy, which requires you to use the Don ‘t Pass bet. This bet is exactly the opposite of the Pass Line bet, however, you still have to comply with the table minimum and maximum. If the come-out roll stands at 7 or 11, you lose, while if it stands on 3 or 2, you win. If it stands on 12, the bet is a push, meaning that you don ‘t lose, but you don ‘t win either. It establishes a point if the roll is in any other value. The bet is winning if a 7 is rolled before the point is rolled again, and the bet loses if the point is rolled again before 7. The house edge of this strategy is at 1,46%, and the odds of winning are lower.

Craps Lingo

The slang terminology that players can use during the game of Craps is the next topic that we would like to shed a light on. It is totally normal for bettors to use a specific Craps lingo when gambling. Through the years, dice shooters have come up with different jargon for playing Craps and it can be seen best in the names of rolls. For example, ösnake eyes” is called the Two because they actually look like two small eyes of a snake. If you hear ötwo craps two” during the gameplay, it means that the Pass line bet is lost and a bet on any craps is prone to win. ‘Loose deuce' or öSnickies' are other calls for the Two. öTracy” and ‘ace caught a deuce” refer to the Three. If you hear ‘Little Joe” or moreover ‘Little Joe from Kokomo' and ‘Little Joe on the front row”, or öballerina”, this refers to the Four. ‘Little Phoebe”, öfever”, and ‘no field five” are the most common names for a Five in casinos. ‘Jimmie Hicks from the sticks” and ‘Jimmie Hicks” are refutations for the Six. Terms like ‘Big Red” and ‘seven, front line winner” refer to the Seven.

The slang during this game of Craps continues with names like ‘mom and dad”, öOzzie and Harriet”, and öeight-er from Decatur” for the Eight. ‘Centerfield nine” is as you can tell, a refutation for the Nine with other names like ‘Old Mike” named after Michel Jordan, öNina from Pasadena”, önine-r from Carolina”, and öNina at the Marina”. Continuing with the Ten which popular names include ‘Big Dick”, öpuppy paws”, ‘Big John”, and others. If you ever hear öyo-leven”, or just öyo', or even ‘six five, no jive”, it refers to Eleven. Last but not least, the öboxcars”, ömidnight”, and ‘double-action field traction, are commonly used terms for the Twelve. As you can tell, the game of Craps abounds with specific lingo, slang, and jargon which you have to get familiar with in order to play up to your full potential.

The Best Software Providers that Offer Craps Games

As the majority of classic favored casino games that have been played for centuries worldwide, the game of Craps has been a main focus for many top-notch software developers to develop their own unique variations through the years. Therefore, online bettors can choose from a wide range of Craps variants that have been delivered by the best game providers and stand out with their unique graphics, design, table layout, and so on. However, they all follow the main idea of the classic game of Casino Craps that has been once invented in the past. Plenty of the greatest Craps games providers can be found on the hot Crabs online casino platforms.

Such as the well-known, player ‘s favorites Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Rival, and WorldMatch. These developers apply an innovative and creative approach to the production of their Craps games, making sure you enjoy stunning Craps designs, interactive wagering boards, rewarding payouts, and interesting gameplay. Amongst their hottest Craps game titles are Vegas Craps, First Person Craps, Craps Live, New York Craps, Crapless Craps, Open Craps, Die Rich Craps, High Limit Craps, and much more.

TrueLab Games


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Amigo Gaming

Need Some Extra Money on Your Table? Check out These Exciting Craps Bonuses!

Online casinos have prepared tons of Craps bonuses and tempting promotions to get you well prepared for your sessions of Craps betting. Including giving you daily mini rewards of craps bonus money and free bets, spins of lucky wheels with craps gifts, and plenty more welcome and reload craps bonuses.

Craps welcome bonuses are filled with 1st deposit bonuses up to 5th deposit bonus offers available for newly registered players. They give out tons of bonus cash to spend on craps, to place wagers, and have fun. They come with low wagering requirements and exciting real money craps wins.

Craps no deposit bonuses are offers given to newly registered players for setting up an account. No deposits and money spent are needed to obtain and grab your Craps sign-up awards. Which can be used to get to know the new gambling platform and all of its craps variations.

Craps weekend bonuses are offers awarded on weekends from Friday, Saturday to Sunday. And are a suggestion of having an unforgettable free-play on your favorite Craps games. They can be obtained more than once, each weekend!

Understanding the Betting Odds in Craps

Learn more about the game of Craps before investing real money in it. We suggest getting familiar in-depth with the rules and gameplay of Craps first-hand by playing the demo mode because it ‘s free, and you can play for as long as you need. As well as try different betting strategies.

You can get familiar with the paytable, the variety of Craps bets, and the house edge each one of them has. The house edge is the advantage the casino has over you with a certain wager placed. This will allow you to figure out your bet sizes, winning odds, and whether a bet is worth taking. u0420u0430u0455u0455 Lu0456nu0435 u0412u0435ts comes with a low house edge of just 1.41% and is the best type of first bet to take.

Once a point is established, we suggest always taking the Odds Bet and/or the u0421u043emu0435 u0412u0435tu0455 because this will increase your winning chances significantly. Odds bets have a zero-house edge. u0420ru043eu0440u043eu0455u0456tu0456u043en u0412u0435tu0455 is the riskiest to take as the house edge is larger, and your winning chances are slim since the bet depends on one single roll of the dice. Avoid betting on Hard 4 or Hard 10 as they have an 11% house edge, while Big 6 or Big 8 have an average 9% house edge but only pay out 1:1, making them pointless to risk.

Craps Game Variations – Is Something Better Than Original

Since it has been invented centuries ago, the game of Craps has always had two main different variants – östreet craps” and öcasino craps”. When playing street craps, players actually wager money and play against each other while during casino craps, players compete against a bank. Nowadays, online casino venues give access to Casino Craps which has developed to be more popular these days since it is accessible globally online. The game has many different variants in different regions of the world, including Las Vegas Craps, Crapless craps, and New York Craps. There are also many game variations of Craps that replace dice with cards. When talking about the online gambling world in specific, online casinos offer a great range of Craps game variations that have been developed by different leading software developers. Keep reading to learn more and to get introduced to these thrilling variants!

RNG Craps or Craps in a Live Dealer Sessions

Overall, the game of Craps is a thrilling casino game that has always been and will always remain in the hearts of a great number of players worldwide! We at CasinoLandia are pleased to walk you through the process of learning how to play Craps like a pro! Even though this game is said to be very easy to play and simple to understand, we are sure to say that it is best if you get previously informed about the odds, playing rules, gaming etiquette, lingo and slang usage, and more. That way you can definitely be able to gamble with confidence in your own knowledge, skills, and performance. Nowadays, the game of Craps has developed to be a fun and lightweight game of chance that is widely enjoyed by both new beginners and well-experienced bettors since it delivers lots of entertainment and winning opportunities. As always, we wish you that luck is by your side since we will always be here for you to reveal to you the latest details around the game of Craps and the finest online casino brands that offer it to you!

You Asked, We Answered!

What is the game of Craps?

Craps is an old but gold classic in the betting world that originated firstly as Krabs in 1788 as an English simpler variant of the game of Hazard.

How to play the game of Craps?

Played with the simple roll of dice, this game is easy to understand and fun to play – learn how to play it like a pro by reading the article above!

What are the finest online casinos that offer the game of Craps?

Above in the article, you will find a great diversity of fully reviewed online casinos that offer the game of Craps in their impressive game collections.

How was Craps invented and what is its history timeline?

Craps developed as we know it today in 1805 in the US. It started spreading worldwide after the 1960s from Europe, Macao, and Australia, and the boosting of the popularity of online casinos that began in the mid-1990s caused Craps to spread all around the world.

What are the rules of the game of Craps?

The purpose of the game is to roll the two dices of 4, 5, 6, 8, 9, or 10, and roll that same number again to win. Learn the exact rules and gaming etiquette of this game above in the article!

Are there any specific language and slang for playing Craps?

Yes, it is totally normal for bettors to use a specific Craps lingo and jargon when gambling – learn what it is above in the article!

What is the best strategy for the game of Craps?

There are several betting strategies to apply when playing Craps – the Pass Line strategy and the Don ‘ Pass/Don ‘t Come Craps Strategy. They are very different and have their own qualities, pros, and cons.

What are the game variations of Craps?

Since it has been invented centuries ago, the game of Craps has always had two main different variants – u201cstreet crapsu201d and u201ccasino crapsu201d. Later on, Las Vegas Craps, Crapless craps, and New York Craps have been invented.

Does the game of Craps provide any bonuses?

Yes, online casinos have prepared tons of Craps bonuses and tempting promotions to get you well prepared for your sessions of Craps betting.

What are the best software developers that launch games of Craps?

Famous companies like Microgaming, Playtech, Evolution Gaming, Betsoft, Rival, and WorldMatch are among the best software providers that have developed many startling variants of the game of Craps!