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What is the meaning of eSports Betting?

Competitive gaming is what we mean by esports. At a professional level, teams compete against each other in video games for cash awards. Esports players are like football or basketball players in that they are contracted to play for a number of different teams. As a footballer or other sportsperson, these teams train and compete in their respective games.

A game's enjoyment and balance are two of the most important factors in its success as an esport. The first is straightforward: if a game isn't pleasant to play, gamers will rapidly lose interest and stop tuning in. On the other side, it is important to maintain a good level of balance in order to keep the game engaging.

Best eSports Betting Sites on the Market

For all of the largest esports events, the Sportaza esports betting site has amazing odds. In addition, there are dozens of opportunities to wager on sports and approximately 5,000 high-quality casino games. Sportaza has a name that suggests a strong interest in sports betting, so it shouldn't come as a surprise. There are supposedly more than 30,000 distinct sports bets available at this establishment. Sports including basketball and hockey, as well as football, are well-represented on this site.

Pledoo Casino isn't afraid to reward its customers with a wide range of bonuses and promos. Players may take advantage of reload bonuses and crypto bonuses in addition to time-limited promotions and specials. As usual, we highlight the significance of reading the terms and conditions that come with the deals that you are considering. Each deal is unique, therefore this may or may not be the case. Wagering requirements, game contributions, game exemptions, and wins limitations must all be considered.

You'll find that the odds on esports at Cobra Casino are among the most competitive you'll find anywhere. These include anything from well-known first-person shooters like Call of Duty and Counter-Strike: Global Offensive to huge multiplayer online battle arena games like League of Legends and Dota 2. After this, you'll discover a wide variety of bets on a variety of different esports, ranging from StarCraft II to some entertaining online soccer games.

You can count on GreatWin Sportsbook for some of the industry's best odds and betting lines. Betting odds are updated in real-time, and the bookmaker allows you to choose whether or not to accept bigger rewards and higher odds. If you want to place a wager, you may pick between decimal, fractional, and American odds forms. Sport-specific wagering options are available, as are a range of outcomes. This includes wagers on the moneyline, the handicap, the over/under, the exact score, and the 1×2 bets, amongst other options. You may wager on both teams to score, both teams to win, and a tie with no stake.

eSports Betting Trends – is crypto accepted as payment in eSports Betting?

To far, the most significant esports crypto advancement has been making esports gambling more convenient and secure. In many countries, it is difficult to organize any form of betting, and many individuals do not have the choice of betting in their local currency or do not want to since they must authenticate their identification, which makes them feel anxious if they win large.

Because anybody with a crypto wallet can set up a secure betting platform for crypto esports betting, anyone with a cryptocurrency may engage in crypto esports betting. The beauty of crypto is that even if a person doesn't have the right coin, the system will automatically replace it.

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Top 9 Popular Games in eSports Betting

Fifa Betting

Fifa LogoIf you enjoy playing FIFA, you would definitely enjoy placing bets on FIFA Matches as well! This famous form of entertainment has gained a tremendous amount of popularity in the past several years. FIFA e-sports excites the minds of numberless players from all regions of the world, turning the e-sports industry into a multimillion empire. In order to gamble on FIFA e-sports, you have to watch FIFA matches, guess the possible outcomes of the game, in other words, which team is going to win, and then bet on it. If your guessing turns out correct, you win! You can easily join FIFA e-sports by placing a bet in a straightforward process that is not at all time-consuming. Real-life sports betting is very similar to FIFA Betting as it has the same type of odds and markets on which you can place your bet. Our team at CasinoLandia is here to talk you through all the steps of FIFA Betting and help you achieve great success at the finest sports betting sites that offer FIFA Betting!

Overwatch Betting

Overwatch LogoBlizzard Entertainment stays behind the development of Overwatch which is a cool video game based on first-person shooting multiplayer. The game has been officially launched in 2016 and ever since then, bettors have continuously placed bets on the possible outcomes of the game. There are many websites that offer Overwatch betting for real money and you can easily join them in the blink of an eye. Currently, Overwatch betting is one of the most popular forms of e-sports betting and as you know, we at CasinoLandia strive to keep you updated on the latest trends and modern innovations in the iGaming industry so that you can start benefiting from them as soon as possible!

Rocket League Betting

Rocket League LogoDifferent from other popular e-sports games like FIFA, Overwatch, Dota, Moba, and others, Rocket League is a game that allows bettors to place bets even before you have stated your guess on who is going to be the winner of the game. That way you simply place your bet, watch how the game goes, and then pick your guess of who is going to win the match. This gives you the freedom of not being limited in any shape or form, plus it gives you bigger chances of winning since you can pick your possible winner by guessing even after the game has started and after you have seen the possible outcomes. CasinoLandia provides you with detailed pieces of information about Rocket League betting as well as a fine list of suggestions on where to bet on this game for real money.

Counter-Strike: Global Offensive Betting

CS GO LogoTwo teams of five players each battle it out as terrorists and anti-terrorists in the traditional game mode of the strategic first-person shooter Counter-Strike: Global Offensive (CS: GO). A player who is killed in action in this shooter cannot instantly rejoin the game, unlike most other shooters. Victims of competition may only watch on from the sidelines while their team advances to the next round of play.

League of Legends Betting

League of Legends LogoOn a standard MOBA battlefield, two teams battle it out in League of Legends, a real-time strategy game. In all, there are over 150 distinct characters (champions) to choose from, and each player plays one of five primary roles: Toplane, Midlane (Carry), ADC.

There are four separate skills and techniques for each of the four playable champions. The other side's role players face off against the role players on their own squad.

Objectives must be destroyed as a team in order to infiltrate and destroy the enemy's base, as well as their nexus.

Fortnite Betting

Fortnite LogoWhen Fortnite was first released, there was a lot of excitement around it. The eSports game is based on a basic principle. On a massive battlefield, up to 100 players battle it out for supremacy. The winner is the last one standing. Fortnite, on the other hand, is distinguished by its emphasis on gathering resources and constructing fortifications, as opposed to the more generic Battle Royale formula. These might provide you with a tactical edge over your opponents or offer shelter.

World of Warcraft Betting

World of Warcraft LogoBlizzard Entertainment, the creator of World of Warcraft, has created a first-person shooter/MOBA hybrid with Overwatch. The first-person viewpoint makes the game seem like a first-person shooter. In this case, like in MOBAs, you have the option of selecting from a wide variety of heroes, each with a unique set of weapons and skills. In this way, you may use your powers to outmanoeuver your opponents and eventually bring them to their knees.

Dota 2 Betting

Dota 2 LogoDota 2 is likewise a five-on-five MOBA game that follows the same rules as Dota. Dota 2's enticing visuals and more tactical gameplay make it a compelling choice. The game's roughly 110 heroes and five playable roles make it as diverse as its predecessor. The game Dota 2 is by no doubt one the most popular eSports game among the sport's most successful players in recent years.

Starcraft 2 Betting

Starcraft LogoBlizzard Entertainment produced the real-time strategy game, Starcraft 2. As a follow-up to Starcraft, this is a new game. Terrans, Zerg, and Protoss are the three species that populate the science-fiction setting of the game. Wings of Liberty is the core game, while the two expansions are the pillars upon which it is built. Humans, Terrans, make up the first segment, which is followed by Zerg and Protoss.

Virtual Betting – The Newest Modern Technology

Football VR Betting, Basketball VR Betting, E-football, Tennis VR Betting, and Horse betting are all different variations of Virtual Betting that will blow your mind with excitement! We at CasinoLandia are thrilled to give you more insight into the growth and evolvement of Virtual betting in the past several years. There is no secret that VR betting is at its peak at the moment since more and more players join this type of entertainment activity. Wagering on computer-stimulated sports events has some kind of similarity to traditional sports betting, however, it stands out with full digitalization. Now you dont have to step off your couch in order to place bets on your favorite sports such as football, soccer, tennis, basketball, and horse races. Lets take a closer look at them now and talk you through them one by one for better clarity!

Football VR Betting

The evolution of technology is the main reason why bettors can now place bets on computer-stimulated football matches. That way you will surely feel the authentic atmosphere of real-life football matches without even going out of your house. Your greatest entertainment is promised while having fun and taking advantage of huge winning opportunities on Football VR Betting. Football is the first sport to have ever been introduced to the VR industry and is now the most popular one by no surprise. Every player can easily join the competition of betting on VR Football and we at CasinoLandia are by your side through this process!

Basketball VR Betting

As we mentioned, due to the massive innovation and modernization of technology, every player can now experience the authentic atmosphere of a real-life sports event even while being at home. Unlike betting on the traditionally live streamed sports events, Basketball VR Betting gives you an opportunity to experience a digital high-tech version of the game of Basketball. With the help of special software, Basketball VR Betting delivers an incredible experience to anyone who decides to join it. All fans of the game of Basketball can now place bets on popular Basketball teams and watch virtual Basketball matches! CasinoLandia shares with you all the sports betting platforms that offer this new popular form of entrainment!

Tennis VR Betting

Tennis is yet another very popular sport that has been introduced to the VR sports industry. The game has been fully digitalised with the help of special software and delivers a high-tech phenomenal experience to bettors who place bets on the possible outcomes of Tennis VR matches. If you are a fan of the game of Tennis, we at CasinoLandia are sure that you would love to gamble on Tennis VR Betting, have fun watching the matches from the comfort of your home, place your bets, and excitingly wait for the outcomes! There are more and more fine sports betting platforms that offer this new and thrilling VR sports activity so we will keep updated on the latest news!

E-Football Betting

The largest e-sports platform that any player can join absolutely for free is E-Football and we at CasinoLandia are beyond thrilled to talk you through this widely popular form of VR betting activity! This is a virtual simulation video game of a football match on which you can place your bets. In fact, this is a free-play game that anyone can join and play just for fun without having to wager real money. New updates and optimized elements are implemented to the gameplay at the beginning of every new football season so that the game can be as precise and accurate as possible.

E-Basketball Betting

Just like E-football, E-Basketball is also a virtual simulation video game on which you can place bets. When watching the matches, remember that these games are watched by thousands of fans who get extremely excited when their preferred team scores a point. There are massive E-Basketball tournaments and events that you can join to bet on fantastic basketball esports teams. Many online casino venues that offer sports betting activities are now optimising their platforms to cover more Virtual sports betting activities, including E-Basketball so stay tuned to leahe latest news from us at CasinoLandia!

E-Horse Betting

There are a few main details that differ e-horse betting from the rest of VR sports betting activities, and we will now reveal them to you. When betting on e-horse races, you can place an Each Way Bet. If you dont know what this is, it is actually two bets in one. Simply explained, you place one bet on which horse you guess is going to win the race and one bet on which position the chosen by you horse is going to end up on at the end of the race. Therefore, you have even more winning opportunities ahead of you, and you are not limited to only choosing which horse is going to be the winner of the race. CasinoLandia follows the process of e-horse betting popularity gaining, and we are here to tell you all the thrilling details about it!

Fierce eSports Competitors – Intro to Some of the Most Popular Teams

Not just in traditional sports do clubs have some importance; this is true in general. Even in the realm of esports, the value of an organization is determined by factors such as the worth of its teams, the advertising contracts it secures, the prize money it takes home from competitions, and other factors.

Team Liquid has earned $37 million in prize money from 2025 contests, making them the highest-earning esports team of all time. Their biggest triumph came in 2017, in the Dota 2 International, when the winner received $10.8 million.

DAMWON Gaming KIA, a League of Legends squad, was the most watched esports team in 2021. Both the spring and summer splits of the Korean league were won by the team, and it finished second at the Mid-Season Invitational and the Worlds in the year 2021. As a consequence, it had the second-highest esports peak viewership of all time. DWG KIA accumulated 96.3 million Hours Watched in 2021 because of a tremendous number of finals and the great popularity of LoL.

TSM, formerly known as Team SoloMid, is a 400 million+ esports corporation located in Los Angeles, with an estimated at least 40 million in esports income making up half of its total revenue. From a single esports team in Andy Dinh's and Dan Dinh's league in 2009 to a multi-vertical media corporation known as Swift Media Entertainment, the company has evolved rapidly.

eSports Players in the USA

In his early twenties, Ian Porter hails from the United States. A former Halo player who currently plays in Call of Duty competitions, he is a retired professional Halo player. This made him the first individual to win a Major League Gaming Pro Player championship on both teams.

In 1999, Johnathan Wendel was only 18 years old when he made his professional debut. In the world of first-person shooters, he's regarded as one of the greatest. This may be because he began his professional gaming career in its infancy.

Amnesiac stormed to victory in his debut Hearthstone tournament. William Barton is his name, and he's 15 years old. Despite his youth, he was able to capture the Americas Winter Championship title on the Hearthstone Championship Tour.

eSports in North Korea

In today's Nirth Korean society, e-sports are a major element of the culture. A sort of LAN gaming center, established from conventional internet cafu00e9s in the early 2000s, became a popular destination for gamers of all skill levels. The high-end PCs given are used by PC gamers to socialize and play games with their friends. These facilities are normally used for multiplayer gaming, therefore tournaments rapidly arose and were even supported by the government and large North Korean corporations, as well. In South Korea, the first E-Sports stadium was built. Many North Koreans still like playing video games and watching e-sports.

To illustrate how lucrative the market is in Korea nowadays the prize money of 1.35 million dollars has been won by Sang Hyeok Lee, better known as ‘Faker,' as of July 2022. As a result, he is now the top eSports prize money earner in South Korea.

eSports Player in Europe

The esports sector has grown significantly in Europe during the last several years. Esports groups with European roots were among the first to gain traction in the West. As the world's most prominent esports organization, ESL is based in Germany. In the past, the firm has helped to establish and influence esports, notably the Intel Extreme Masters in Katowice and the ESL One tournament in Cologne. Even now, Europe is a major market for esports. One-third of all worldwide esports earnings are generated here, and more than 70 million esports spectators tune in every week.

eSports Publishers that You need to know about

Hot Esports Tournaments that you can Follow and wager on

The first international eSports Championship Tour competition was a hit. Riot Games founded this first-person shooter eSport in 2021. Berlin, Germany, hosted the first tournament in December 2021. The 2022 season will be hosted online and offline at different periods, however, the venue is unknown. The $30,000 prize pool has participants excited for the new season.

Riot Games created the League of Legends World Championship in 2011. This esports competition is organized yearly in different nations and areas. Riot Games' Professional League provides 24 teams. It was 2018's most-watched final. Players and watchers are excited about this year's World Championship.

Mobile and laptop gamers love Dota 2. Valve established the event in August 2011. Teams from the Dota Pro Circuit proceed to the international level. Its $40,000,000 prize fund is sought among eSports fans. This year's tournament will include 20 teams, and spectators can't wait to see who wins.

Esports gaming in numbers

Esports was previously a gaming subgroup. It became an industry, nevertheless. In recent years, esports money and viewership have grown dramatically. esports data indicate that it's not only viewing that pulls in money. Esports marketing and advertising have been included. The COVID-19 pandemic has also altered projections and created new patterns.

One of the main drivers of esports growth in 2021 and beyond is the continuation of social distancing, which increases engagement with esports and video games (61%), the growth of online streaming platforms (61%), and the increased movement of big brands into esports sponsorships (52%).

According to GlobalWebIndex, 32% of esports players are between the ages of 16 and 24 who are watching esports competitions online. In contrast, 30% are between the ages of 25 and 34, 19% are between 35 and 44, 10% are between 45 and 54, and 6% are above the age of 55.

To put that into perspective, the first International esports event featured a $1.6 million prize pool, which was unheard of back in 2011. The prize pool at The International 2019 rose to a whopping $34.3 million. Many Dota 2 players remember The International 2019 fondly because of the massive prize pool and the fact that OG was declared back-to-back winners.

The new TI10 is planned to commence production at the end of 2021 after a series of delays. This year's thrilling tournament has a huge prize pool of $40 million, shattering all prior records set by Valve.

Our Verdict for eSports Betting

E-sports betting and Virtual Sports betting are the betting activities of the future, and we at CasinoLandia can confidently state this without a doubt! Our team is incredibly impressed by the huge impact that the massive technology innovation and modernization have made on sports betting activities in general. Overall, traditional sports betting, which consists of watching live streamed sports events and placing bets on preferred sports teams, has changed tremendously with the innovation in technology. Nowadays, players can actually place bets on computer-stimulated video games and place bets on the possible outcomes of the matches. E-sports is competitive gaming that has gained a huge auditory of viewers from all around the world in recent times. On the other hand, Virtual sports betting is based on wagering on computer-stimulated sports events. Both of these exciting new forms of gambling entertainment are very profitable for players and are a result of the full digitalization with a strong tendency to get more and more popular with every day passing by!

You Asked, We Answered!

What are the most popular esports?

Some of the most popular esports include Counter-Strick, Dota, Starcraft, Fortnite, League of Legends, Warcraft.

How does the esport industry make money?

Esports groups get income from a variety of sources. Sponsorships, advertising income, merchandising, and collecting a cut of their teams' competition prize money are a few examples.

Who owns esports?

Esports are unowned. There is no regulating organization monitoring the whole esports sector, in contrast to conventional sports. Instead, each game's creators design their own set of regulations for its competitive environment. The developers' amount of engagement may be quite variable, ranging from laisse-faire to closed franchised leagues.

What esport is the most profitable?

Team Liquid is the all-time highest-earning esports team, having taken home $37 million in prize money from 2025 competitions. The Dota 2 International, where first place earned $10.8 million, was their largest victory, which happened in 2017.