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Slots with Osiris Theme

Osiris is the Egyptian God of fertility, agriculture, the afterlife, the dead, resurrection, life, and vegetation. References to Osiris can be found in quite a few slot games from this genre. Osiris was a good king and enjoyed the respect of all who lived on the earth and the gods who dwelled in the netherworld.

Here you can find our complete collection, ever-expanding with new Osiris labels each year.
Osiris Theme


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Popularity: 93.96%

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The Full Collection of Osiris Slots in Our Land

Osiris is the Greek name for the guardian of the tombs and is associated with death and life after death in the religion of ancient Egypt. Below is our great collection of Osiris themed slots.

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Slots: 4

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Guardians of Luxor 2 by Red Rake
Max Win

Guardians of Luxor 2

No star
30 plays
Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link by NetGame
Max Win

Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link

No star
0 plays
Golden Osiris by Play'n GO
Max Win

Golden Osiris

No star
0 plays
Jewel Scarabs by Red Tiger
Max Win

Jewel Scarabs

No star
1 plays
4/ 4 (100%)

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Introduction to The Story of Osiris

Egyptian mythology is a vast subject that one could spend years in studying. We briefly present the story of Osiris below:

Osiris was one of the most important and well-known gods in ancient Egyptian mythology. He was worshipped as the god of the afterlife, the underworld, and the dead. Osiris was often depicted as a mummified king, wearing the pharaoh's crown and holding the crook and flail, the symbols of pharaonic power. Osiris was a central figure in ancient Egyptian mythology and religion, embodying the themes of death, resurrection, and the afterlife. His cult was widely revered and celebrated, and his story offered hope and comfort to the ancient Egyptians, who believed that through his example, they too could achieve eternal life. The enduring legacy of Osiris continues to captivate and inspire people to this day, making him one of the most recognizable and important gods in the ancient Egyptian pantheon.

According to mythology, Osiris was born as the son of the earth god, Geb, and the sky goddess, Nut. He became the ruler of Egypt and was loved by the people for his wisdom and fairness. However, his brother Set was jealous of Osiris's power and popularity and plotted against him. In one version of the myth, Set tricked Osiris into climbing into a coffin, which he then sealed and threw into the Nile. Osiris's wife, the goddess Isis, searched for her husband's body and finally found it in Byblos, where it had been washed ashore.

Isis brought Osiris's body back to Egypt and worked to revive him, but Set discovered their plans and hacked Osiris's body into pieces, scattering them throughout the land. Undeterred, Isis searched for each of the pieces and successfully reassembled Osiris's body, bringing him back to life. This myth of resurrection became a powerful symbol of hope and comfort for the ancient Egyptians, who believed that Osiris's revival offered a promise of eternal life for the dead.

Osiris was closely associated with the Egyptian concept of Ma’at, which embodied truth, balance, and order in the universe. As the ruler of the underworld, Osiris was believed to preside over the weighing of the heart, in which the heart of the deceased was weighed against the feather of Ma’at to determine if they were worthy of eternal life. If the heart was found to be heavier than the feather, the deceased was condemned to a non-existence.

Osiris was also the god of fertility and agriculture, and his death and revival were associated with the yearly cycle of the Nile floods. Each year, the flooding of the Nile was seen as Osiris's tears, mourning the loss of his life and fertility. When the waters receded, they left behind rich, fertile soil, and the crops began to grow again, symbolizing Osiris's revival and the renewal of life.

In addition to his role in the afterlife, Osiris was also considered to be the patron of the pharaohs and was often depicted in their tombs, offering protection and guidance in the afterlife. The Pharaohs were often referred to as the “sons of Osiris,” and their rule was seen as a continuation of Osiris's rule on earth.

The cult of Osiris was one of the most widespread and enduring in ancient Egypt, and his festivals and rituals were celebrated throughout the country. The most famous of these was the Festival of Osiris, which was held annually in the city of Abydos. During this festival, priests reenacted the death and revival of Osiris, and participants paraded through the streets carrying images of the god.


The Most Popular and Interesting Osiris Slots

Commonly asked questions about Osiris Slots

What are the most popular Osiris-themed slots in 2024?

The most popular Osiris slots in 2024 are:
# Slot Name Provider RTP Volatility Layout Launched
1 Guardians of Luxor 2 Red Rake 95.4% Medium 5x3 29/02/2024
2 Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link NetGame 95.95% Medium 5x3 28/11/2023
3 Golden Osiris Play'n GO 94.25% High 7x7 26/11/2020
4 Jewel Scarabs Red Tiger 94.66% High 12/12/2019

What are the most popular providers of Osiris Slots?

The most popular software developers of Osiris slots: NetGame, Play'n GO, Red Rake, Red Tiger.
# Provider Popular Osiris slots
1 NetGame
  • Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link
2 Play'n GO
  • Golden Osiris
3 Red Rake
  • Guardians of Luxor 2
4 Red Tiger
  • Jewel Scarabs

Which Osiris slots have the highest Return to Player (RTP)?

The Osiris Slots with Highest RTP:
# Slot Name RTP
1 Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link 95.95%
2 Guardians of Luxor 2 95.4%
3 Jewel Scarabs 94.66%
4 Golden Osiris 94.25%

What are the newest Osiris slots?

The latest Osiris slots on the market are:
# Slot Name Provider RTP Volatility Layout Launched
1 Guardians of Luxor 2 Red Rake 95.4% Medium 5x3 29/02/2024
2 Osiris Gold Hold ‘n’ Link NetGame 95.95% Medium 5x3 28/11/2023
3 Golden Osiris Play'n GO 94.25% High 7x7 26/11/2020
4 Jewel Scarabs Red Tiger 94.66% High 12/12/2019