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Cash Compass

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Cash Compass by Hacksaw Gaming
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Updated: Jul 11, 2024

Quick Facts

Provider: ProviderThe Slot Provider is none other than the company who developed the slot. Simply click on the name of the provider to find our more about it!
Date Launched: Date LaunchedThe date when this slot game was launched. 24/06/2020
Theme: ThemeTheme is the general genre that the the slot could be classified as. One of the elements that makes slot games appealing, A nicely planned popular theme can potentially skyrocket the popularity of an online slot! Beach, Caribbean
Jackpot: JackpotA stand-alone or multi-leveled progressive prize pool that a player can win at a given time, simply by spinning the reels.
Special Symbols: Special SymbolsThe special symbols of a slot are part of its mechanic. Elements such as Wilds, Scatters and regular paying symbols come together to form winning combinations. Bonus, Card, Re-Spins, Wilds

Review Summary

Cash Compass from Hacksaw Gaming is a refreshing addition to the Pocketz series, combining simplicity with significant winning potential. Set against a serene Caribbean backdrop, the game features a 6x6 grid where players aim to land clusters of symbols for payouts. With a maximum win of 1,000 times the stake and a solid RTP of 96.42%, Cash Compass offers a balanced experience suitable for both casual players and those seeking bigger rewards. The game's features, including the Compass feature and Free Spins, add excitement and strategic depth, enhancing its appeal. Overall, Cash Compass stands out for its mobile-friendly design, engaging gameplay, and the potential for lucrative payouts, making it a recommended choice for slot enthusiasts looking for both entertainment and rewards.

Slot Information

Return to Player (RTP): Return to Player (RTP)The Return to Player is a statistic that aims to show the player's edge over the casino - the higher this number is the better! We review all slots based on this RTP value so click on the percentage on the right to find our more slots with a similar RTP! 96.42%
Volatility/Variance: Volatility/VarianceVolatility or Variance is meant to describe the winning potential of a slot game: a high volatility will have you win big but no so often, while a low volatility will let you win frequently, but less. High
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Slot Type: Slot TypeSlots can be categorized as classic, 3D, video slots, etc. Click on the type of slot on the right to see similar types of slots! Video Slot
Rows: RowsPart of the design of the slot, the rows are the horizontal lines that trigger special features when certain paying symbols fall in place.
Reels: ReelsReels are the vertical lines that are build in the slots architecture; together with the rows they help trigger special winning combinations.
Paylines: PaylinesPaylines, or betting lines, are the pre-determined links of symbols across the rows and reels of a slot. A slot can have anywhere from just 1 payline or up to thousands paylines!
Slot Layout: Slot LayoutThe layout of the slot is the way the slot is built, based on the number of rows, reels and paylines.

Slot Features

Minimum Bet: Minimum BetThe minimum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game.
Maximum Bet: Maximum BetThe maximum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game.
Maximum Win: Maximum WinThe total maximum amount that you could win triggering the biggest winning combo.
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Auto Play Feature: Auto Play FeatureAuto Play is a built-in function on the slot interface that enables automatic spinning of the slot without the player having to press the Spin button on every spin. Usually, the function can be preset to auto execute a certain number of spins like 20,50, 100, or more. Players can typically define their bet amount and set loss limits before starting Auto Play.
Bonus Round Feature: Bonus Round FeatureThe Bonus game feature are the most interesting and profitable phase of the game that different from the ordinary repetitive gameplay. Usually it is triggered by landing several scatter or bonus symbols at the same time. The biggest wins in a slot are usually triggered during the Bonus game play.
Free Spins Feature: Free Spins FeatureFree spins are the most popular feature in online slots today. Usually they are not just a free spinning on the usual gameplay of the slot but are bundled into separate and more exciting feature with special effects and much greater winning potential.
Turbo Play Feature: Turbo Play FeatureThe Turbo Play feature allows players to play a given slot much faster than usual by bypassing slower effects in graphics and music. It is preferred by players who are familiar with a given slot and do not want to hear repetitive sounds and moves for a long time.
Available: Android, IOS, Windows


  • Engaging Theme and Setting
  • Innovative Features
  • Solid RTP


  • Limited Cascading Mechanics
  • Simplistic Graphics

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Cash Compass Base

Cash Compass Base

Cash Compass BigWin

Cash Compass BigWin

Cash Compass Homescreen

Cash Compass Homescreen

Cash Compass MegaWin

Cash Compass MegaWin

Cash Compass Win

Cash Compass Win

Expert’s Opinion

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Cash Compass embodies the essence of Hacksaw Gaming's Pocketz series with its straightforward gameplay and captivating theme. The Caribbean setting and charming graphics create a relaxed atmosphere, ideal for players looking to unwind while still aiming for substantial wins. The game's medium volatility strikes a balance between frequent payouts and the anticipation of larger rewards, ensuring an exciting experience without overwhelming risk. The inclusion of innovative features like the Compass feature and the Bonus Wheel further enriches gameplay, offering players multiple avenues to enhance their winnings. With its robust RTP and seamless mobile compatibility, Cash Compass exemplifies Hacksaw Gaming's commitment to delivering quality and entertaining slot experiences tailored for modern players. Overall, Cash Compass is a commendable addition to the genre, delivering both enjoyment and potential profitability in equal measure.

9.44 /10 by CasinoLandia

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Cash Compass Thumbnail

Introducing the Cash Compass

Cash Compass by Hacksaw Gaming brings a refreshing twist to the Pocketz series with its Caribbean-themed grid slot format. Emphasizing simplicity and charm over flashy graphics, this game invites players into a serene island setting where palm trees sway and parrots roam freely. With its medium variance gameplay and solid RTP of 96.42%, Cash Compass promises a relaxed yet potentially rewarding experience, perfect for those seeking casual and engaging mobile gaming sessions.

Cash Compass Volatility and RTP

Cash Compass maintains a medium variance gameplay style, striking a balance between frequent, moderate wins and occasional larger payouts, making it suitable for a broad spectrum of players who enjoy consistent action without extreme risk.

With an RTP of 96.42%, Cash Compass offers a competitive return to players, ensuring that over time, they can expect to receive back a significant portion of their wagers, aligning well with industry standards for fair gameplay.

Cash Compass combines medium volatility with a solid RTP of 96.42%, providing players with a balanced and rewarding slot experience set against a charming Caribbean backdrop.

The Paytable of Cash Compass

The paytable in Cash Compass is structured to reward players for landing clusters of 6 or more identical symbols, which can connect horizontally or vertically on the 6×6 grid. Symbols range from traditional J-A card suits to thematic icons like maps, shields, potion bottles, and vibrant parrots. The most lucrative symbol, the compass, stands out by offering substantial rewards, paying up to 1,000 times the stake for clusters of 30 or more symbols. This setup encourages players to aim for larger clusters, especially during bonus features where symbol multipliers can significantly boost payouts.

Cash Compass Paytable

The Symbols of Cash Compass

In Cash Compass, players encounter a diverse array of symbols that reflect the game's tropical island theme. From the usual J-A card symbols to thematic icons like maps, shields, potion bottles, and the colorful parrots that populate the Caribbean setting, each symbol contributes to the game's vibrant and relaxed atmosphere.

Cash Compass J

x15+ = 20

x13-14 = 2

x11-12 = 1

x9-10 = 0.60

x7-8 = 0.40

x6 = 0.20

Cash Compass Q

x15+ = 20

x13-14 = 2

x11-12 = 1

x9-10 = 0.60

x7-8 = 0.40

x6 = 0.20

Cash Compass K

x15+ = 20

x13-14 = 2

x11-12 = 1

x9-10 = 0.60

x7-8 = 0.40

x6 = 0.20

x15+ = 20

x13-14 = 2

x11-12 = 1

x9-10 = 0.60

x7-8 = 0.40

x6 = 0.20

Cash Compass Map

x15+ = 120

x13-14 = 80

x11-12 = 40

x9-10 = 6

x7-8 = 2

x6 = 1

Cash Compass Shield

x15+ = 120

x13-14 = 80

x11-12 = 40

x9-10 = 8

x7-8 = 2

x6 = 1

Cash Compass Potion

x15+ = 140

x13-14 = 100

x11-12 = 50

x9-10 = 10

x7-8 = 3

x6 = 2

Cash Compass Bird

x15+ = 260

x13-14 = 140

x11-12 = 100

x9-10 = 12

x7-8 = 4

x6 = 2

Cash Compass Compass

x30+ = 2.000

x25-29 = 200

x20-24 = 100

x15-19 = 48

x13-14 = 24

x11-12 = 8

x9-10 = 6

x7-8 = 4

x6 = 2

Cash Compass Features

Cash Compass boasts several engaging features designed to enhance gameplay and increase winning potential. The Compass feature activates during both the base game and free spins, multiplying and spreading compass symbols across the grid for potentially larger wins. Free spins are triggered by landing 3 scatter symbols, introducing extra compass symbols and recurring activations of the Compass feature. Additionally, the Bonus Wheel feature, unlocked by landing 3 chest symbols, offers players the chance to spin for multipliers that escalate with each successful spin, culminating in lucrative rewards or ending with a skull symbol.

Feature Description
Minimum Bet The minimum bet amount in Cash Compass is $0.1, allowing for flexible wagers.
Maximum Bet The maximum bet amount in Cash Compass is $100, catering to high rollers.
Auto Play Feature The Auto Play feature enables seamless and convenient automated gameplay.
Free Spins Feature The Free Spins feature awards players with additional spins for more chances to win.
Bonus Buy Feature The Bonus Buy Feature allows players to instantly access the Free Spins feature by purchasing it with a single click, providing an opportunity for thrilling encounters with the bison and the potential for wild wins.

Cash Compass Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Slot Machine IconTrue to its Pocketz series roots, Cash Compass is optimized for mobile play, ensuring seamless performance on smartphones and tablets alike. Its intuitive design and straightforward gameplay mechanics translate well to smaller screens, offering players a visually appealing and responsive gaming experience whether they choose to play in portrait or landscape mode. This mobile-friendly approach allows players to enjoy the serene Caribbean adventure of Cash Compass wherever they go, without compromising on quality or entertainment value.

Helpful Questions for Cash Compass by Hacksaw Gaming

Learn more and enhance your Cash Compass experience with these helpful questions.

What is the RTP of the Cash Compass?

96-97 RTP RangeCash Compass boasts a respectable RTP (Return to Player) of 96.42%. This percentage indicates the theoretical return that players can expect over the long term. With an RTP above 96%, Cash Compass is considered to offer a favorable return compared to many other online slots. This means that, on average, for every $100 wagered, players can anticipate getting back $96.42 in winnings. The higher the RTP, the more favorable the odds are for players, making Cash Compass a solid choice for those seeking a game with decent payout potential. Hacksaw Gaming has ensured that Cash Compass aligns with industry standards for fairness and transparency, enhancing its appeal to both casual players and seasoned gamblers looking for a reliable slot experience.

What is the maximum win of Cash Compass?

Maximum Win IconIn Cash Compass, the maximum win potential adds an exciting dimension to gameplay, offering players the chance to win big under the right circumstances. The game's highest payout is linked to the compass symbol, which serves as the top-paying icon. If you manage to land a cluster of 30 or more compass symbols on the 6×6 grid, you can achieve the maximum payout of up to 1,000 times your initial stake. This means that for a maximum bet scenario, the potential payout could reach substantial sums, providing a thrilling incentive for players aiming to hit the game's jackpot. While hitting the maximum win requires a combination of luck and strategic play, the potential rewards in Cash Compass underscore its appeal among players seeking high payout opportunities within a medium variance slot environment.

What is the betting range applied at Cash Compass?

Range IconCash Compass offers a flexible betting range that caters to a wide spectrum of players with varying budgets and preferences. The minimum bet starts from 20 pence/cents, allowing casual players to enjoy the game without significant financial commitment. On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum bet goes up to $/€100 per spin, appealing to high rollers who prefer to wager larger amounts for potentially higher rewards. This wide range ensures that Cash Compass accommodates different playing styles and financial capacities, making it accessible and engaging for all types of players. Whether you're a cautious player who prefers conservative bets or a risk-taker aiming for bigger stakes, Cash Compass provides the flexibility to tailor your gaming experience according to your comfort level and gaming strategy.

Which game provider has created Cash Compass?

Hacksaw Gaming LogoCash Compass is developed by Hacksaw Gaming, a prominent software provider known for its innovative approach to online casino games. Hacksaw Gaming has carved a niche with its Pocketz series, designed specifically for mobile gaming while maintaining appeal across all platforms. With a focus on creating visually appealing, straightforward games that prioritize entertainment value, Hacksaw Gaming ensures that Cash Compass stands out among other grid slot offerings. The company's dedication to quality and player satisfaction is evident in Cash Compass, which combines engaging gameplay mechanics with a charming Caribbean theme, reflecting Hacksaw Gaming's commitment to delivering enjoyable and rewarding gaming experiences.

Is Cash Compass mobile-friendly?

Mobile Casinos Icon

Yes, Cash Compass is meticulously crafted to be fully optimized for mobile play, catering to the growing demand for seamless gaming experiences on smartphones and tablets. As part of Hacksaw Gaming's Pocketz series, Cash Compass excels in delivering smooth performance and intuitive gameplay across various mobile devices. Whether you prefer to play in portrait or landscape mode, Cash Compass adapts effortlessly to different screen sizes and resolutions, ensuring a visually appealing and responsive gaming experience on the go. The game's design and user interface are tailored to maximize usability on mobile platforms, allowing players to enjoy the tranquil Caribbean-themed adventure of Cash Compass anytime and anywhere without compromising on quality or entertainment value.

CasinoLandia's Conclusion on Cash Compass

Cash Compass by Hacksaw Gaming emerges as a compelling addition to the Pocketz series, showcasing the developer's dedication to creating engaging and mobile-friendly slot experiences. With its picturesque Caribbean setting, simple yet effective gameplay mechanics, and the potential for substantial wins highlighted by a maximum payout of 1,000 times the stake, Cash Compass strikes a balance between accessibility and excitement. The medium volatility ensures a mix of frequent, moderate wins and occasional larger payouts, appealing to a broad audience of players. Coupled with a solid RTP of 96.42%, which promises fair returns over extended play sessions, Cash Compass stands out as a reliable choice for both casual players and enthusiasts alike. Its intuitive design, accommodating betting range, and compatibility across various devices underscore its versatility and appeal in the competitive world of online slots. Whether you're drawn to its serene island backdrop or the thrill of chasing significant rewards, Cash Compass offers an enjoyable and potentially rewarding gaming experience that exemplifies Hacksaw Gaming's commitment to quality and player satisfaction.

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