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Craps 6 and 8 Strategy Full Explanation

Welcome to the comprehensive guide to the 6 and 8 Craps strategy, brought to you by us at CasinoLandia. In this guide, we get into the intricacies of one of the most popular betting strategies in craps. With a focus on the numbers 6 and 8, this strategy offers players a chance to capitalize on favorable odds and potentially secure consistent wins. Throughout this guide, we'll explore how the strategy works, its pros and cons, practical examples of its application, and answers to frequently asked questions. 

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6 and 8 Craps Strategy: A Concise Overview

The 6 and 8 Craps strategy focuses on placing craps bets on the following numbers 6 and 8, leveraging a progressive betting approach. This strategy is popular due to its relatively low house edge, making it a quite attractive option for many bettors. However, it's important to understand that this method can result in long stretches without a win, which may lead to continually increasing bet amounts to recover losses. Players need to carefully evaluate their financial limits and commitment to a long-term gameplay strategy before adopting this approach. Ensuring that you have a sufficient budget is crucial, as it allows you to manage the increasing stakes and avoid financial strain. Proper financial planning and discipline are key to effectively implementing this strategy and maintaining sustainable play.

The 6 and 8 Craps strategy involves progressively increasing bets on the numbers six and eight after losses, capitalizing on their high probability of being rolled to recover losses and achieve a profit.

Understanding the Logic of the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy


The 6 and 8 Craps strategy capitalizes on the relatively high probability of rolling a six or eight, second only to the seven. This makes these numbers appealing targets for players. Typically, a player might start by placing a $6 bet on both the six and the eight. When one of these numbers hits, the player wins and simply places the same bets again.

The progressive aspect of this strategy is crucial when dealing with losses. After a losing bet, the player continues to bet on six and eight but increases the wager amount. This increase can follow a specific plan, such as doubling the bet or raising it by a set increment, depending on the player's financial strategy. The goal of this progressive betting system is to eventually hit a win that not only recovers the accumulated losses but also secures a profit due to the higher stake. This method requires careful bankroll management and a clear plan to handle consecutive losses without depleting funds.

Exploring the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy in Action: Practical Examples

To better understand how the 6 and 8 Craps strategy works in practice, let's look at two examples. These scenarios illustrate how players manage their bets on the numbers six and eight, adjust their stakes after losses, and aim to recover their investments while making a profit.

1. Sarah's Approach to the Strategy


Sarah begins with a $5 bet on both the 6 and the 8. Unfortunately, the first roll does not result in either number, leading to a loss. Sticking to the progressive nature of the strategy, Sarah raises her next bets to $10 each. This time, the dice roll an 8, earning her $14 in winnings. She then reverts to her initial $5 bets on the 6 and the 8, planning to increase her bets again only if she encounters another loss, thereby managing her funds while pursuing the strategy’s long-term benefits.

2. John's Strategy in Action


John decides to use the 6 and 8 Craps strategy. He starts by placing a $6 bet on both the 6 and the 8. On his first roll, neither number hits, so he loses both bets. Following the strategy, John increases his next bets to $12 each on the 6 and the 8. On the next roll, a 6 comes up, winning him $14. He then goes back to his original $6 bets on both numbers, continuing this pattern to manage his bankroll and aim for consistent wins.

How to Use the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy

A Step-by-Step Guide for Craps Players:



Start with Initial Bets

Begin by placing equal bets on the numbers 6 and 8. For example, you might start with $6 on each number. These bets are chosen due to their relatively high probability of being rolled.



Roll the Dice

Proceed with the game and wait for the dice to be rolled. If either a 6 or an 8 comes up, you win the corresponding payout. Collect your winnings and place the same initial bets again on the next roll.



Adjust Bets After a Loss

If neither 6 nor 8 is rolled and you lose, increase your bets for the next roll. This increase can be done by either doubling the previous bet or by a pre-determined amount that fits within your budget. For instance, if you started with $6 bets, you might increase to $12 each on the next roll.



Repeat the Process

Continue this pattern of betting. If you win after increasing your bet, revert to your initial bet amount ($6 in this example). If you lose again, continue to increase your bet progressively according to your chosen increment method.



Manage Your Bankroll

Throughout the game, keep a close watch on your budget. Make sure that you have sufficient funds to sustain increased bets during losing streaks. Proper bankroll management is crucial to avoid reaching stakes that you cannot afford, allowing you to continue playing and ultimately benefit from the strategy's long-term potential.

Exploring the Advantages and Drawbacks of the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy

pros and cons

Understanding the advantages and disadvantages of the 6 and 8 Craps strategy is crucial for any player considering this approach. While the strategy offers potential benefits such as a low house edge and high probability of success, it also comes with certain risks and challenges. Below, we at CasinoLandia outline the key pros and potentiaql cons to help you make a well-informed decision about whether this strategy aligns with your playing style and financial goals.

Pros of the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy:


  • Low House Edge: Betting on 6 and 8 offers a lower house edge when being compared to many other bets in craps, enhancing the player's chances of winning.
  • High Probability: The numbers 6 and 8 have a high probability of being rolled, second only to the number 7, making them attractive betting options.
  • Simple to Follow: The strategy is straightforward, involving easy-to-understand steps of placing and adjusting bets.
  • Potential for Recovery: The progressive nature of the craps strategy allows bettors to recover previous losses and make a profit with a single win after a series of losses.
  • Consistency: By focusing on just two numbers, players can maintain a consistent betting pattern, which can be easier to manage and track.

Cons of the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy:


  • Risk of Long Losing Streaks: Extended periods without hitting a 6 or 8 can result in significant losses and rapidly increasing bets.
  • High Bankroll Requirement: The need to progressively increase bets after losses requires a substantial bankroll to sustain the strategy over the long term.
  • Emotional Stress: The pressure of increasing bets after losses can be stressful and challenging for some players to manage.
  • Financial Risk: Without proper bankroll management, players risk reaching financially unsustainable stakes, potentially leading to significant losses.
  • Limited Flexibility: Focusing solely on 6 and 8 may limit opportunities to explore other potentially profitable betting options in craps.

Frequently Asked Questions and Answers (FAQS)

Discover answers to common queries about the 6 and 8 Craps Strategy in our concise FAQs section.

What is the main pros and benefits of using the 6 and 8 Craps strategy?

The main advantage is the low house edge and high probability of winning since 6 and 8 are rolled more frequently than most other numbers, except for 7. This makes it a relatively safer betting option in craps.

How much should I increase my bets after a loss?

The amount by which you increase your bets after a loss can vary. Some players double their previous bet, while others increase by a set increment based on their budget. The key is to choose an increment that you can sustain with your bankroll.

Can I use this strategy with a limited budget?

While it’s possible, it is challenging to use this strategy with a limited budget due to its progressive nature. Extended losing streaks can rapidly deplete your funds, so it’s essential to have a sufficiently large bankroll to manage potential increases in bets.

What happens if I keep losing?

If you keep losing, you will need to continue increasing your craps bets according to the strategy. This can lead to significantly higher stakes, which is why it’s crucial to have a substantial bankroll and to set limits to avoid unsustainable losses.

Is the 6 and 8 Craps strategy suitable for beginners?

The strategy is simple to understand, making it accessible for beginners. However, beginners should be cautious and ensure they have enough funds to support the progressive betting system and manage their bankroll effectively to handle potential losing streaks.


As we conclude this guide to the 6 and 8 Craps strategy, CasinoLandia hopes that you've found the information provided insightful and valuable for your gaming endeavors. By understanding the nuances of this progressive betting approach and considering its pros and cons, you're better equipped to make informed decisions at the craps table. Remember, successful implementation of the 6 and 8 Craps strategy requires careful bankroll management, patience during losing streaks, and a willingness to adapt your bets based on the outcomes.

Other Popular Craps Strategies

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1. Craps Pass Line Strategy

The Pass Line strategy involves betting on Pass Line, winning with a roll of seven/eleven, losing with a roll of 2, 3, or 12, and establishing a point for subsequent rolls, making it one of the most fundamental and popular craps strategies.
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2. Craps Don't Pass Strategy

Contrary to the Pass Line, the Don't Pass strategy entails betting against the shooter, aiming to win on a roll of 2 or 3, losing on a 7 or 11, and pushing on a 12, providing an alternative approach with inverted rules to the Pass Line bet.
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3. Craps Come Strategy

Involving bets made after the point is established, the Come strategy seeks to win with a roll of seven/eleven, lose with a roll of 2, 3, or 12, and establish a new point for subsequent rolls, offering players an additional opportunity to engage in the game after the initial roll.
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4. Craps Don't Come Strategy

Similar to the Don't Pass Line, the Don't Come strategy involves betting against the shooter after the come-out roll, aiming to win on a 2 or 3, lose on a seven or eleven, and push on a twelve, providing an alternative wagering option for players seeking to hedge their bets.
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5. Craps Odds Strategy

This strategy revolves around betting on the shooter rolling a seven before certain numbers, leveraging statistically favorable odds with varying payout ratios, offering a calculated approach to maximizing profits based on probability analysis.
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6. Craps 6 and 8 Strategy

Focused on the statistically more likely numbers of 6 and 8, this strategy aims to capitalize on their frequent occurrence for potential profits, providing players with a straightforward and targeted approach to betting on the craps table.

7. Craps Press-and-Pull Strategy

Combining increasing bets after wins and pulling profits after a predetermined number of successful rolls, the Press-and-Pull strategy offers a balanced approach to managing risk and potential rewards during gameplay, aiming to optimize profits while minimizing losses.
Craps Table Icon

8. Craps 3 Point Molly Strategy

With bets placed on the Pass Line, Come, and a specific Place number, the 3 Point Molly strategy offers a balanced and low-risk approach to craps betting, combining multiple bets to optimize chances of success while minimizing potential losses.
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9. Craps Iron Cross Strategy

This strategy involves placing bets on the Field and certain Place numbers, aiming to win on any number except 7 while risking total loss if a 7 is rolled, providing players with a unique and potentially high-reward betting approach.


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