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X-Demon by Evoplay
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Mladen Gyuzelski | Content Creator

Updated: Jul 24, 2023

Quick Facts

Provider: ProviderThe Slot Provider is none other than the company who developed the slot. Simply click on the name of the provider to find our more about it!
Date Launched: Date LaunchedThe date when this slot game was launched. 02/05/2023
Theme: ThemeTheme is the general genre that the the slot could be classified as. One of the elements that makes slot games appealing, A nicely planned popular theme can potentially skyrocket the popularity of an online slot! Card Suits, Demons, Fantasy, Monsters
Jackpot: JackpotA stand-alone or multi-leveled progressive prize pool that a player can win at a given time, simply by spinning the reels.
Special Symbols: Special SymbolsThe special symbols of a slot are part of its mechanic. Elements such as Wilds, Scatters and regular paying symbols come together to form winning combinations. Scatters, Substitution Symbols, Symbol Swap, Symbols Collection, Wilds

Review Summary

X-Demon, an enthralling creation by Evoplay Entertainment, invites players to delve into a sinister and chilling world of the supernatural. With its haunting theme, eerie graphics, and innovative features, the slot exudes an aura of darkness that captivates players from the very first spin. The game's medium-high volatility and competitive RTP of 96.07% offer a balance of risk and reward, promising an adrenaline-pumping experience for those seeking substantial wins. The addition of the thrilling Mines game feature and Symbol Swap further heightens the excitement, creating opportunities for rewarding surprises as players confront malevolent forces. With a wide betting range and mobile-friendly design, X-Demon caters to a diverse audience, providing a captivating and immersive gaming experience for both casual players and high rollers alike. As players brave the chilling domain, they have the chance to unearth hidden treasures, unlocking the potential for a maximum win of approximately 210,000 coins. X-Demon stands as an exceptional slot adventure, where the line between fear and excitement blurs, and the quest for supernatural riches unfolds in the darkest corners of the unknown.

Slot Information

Return to Player (RTP): Return to Player (RTP)The Return to Player is a statistic that aims to show the player's edge over the casino - the higher this number is the better! We review all slots based on this RTP value so click on the percentage on the right to find our more slots with a similar RTP! 96.12%
Volatility/Variance: Volatility/VarianceVolatility or Variance is meant to describe the winning potential of a slot game: a high volatility will have you win big but no so often, while a low volatility will let you win frequently, but less. Medium High
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Slot Type: Slot TypeSlots can be categorized as classic, 3D, video slots, etc. Click on the type of slot on the right to see similar types of slots! Video Slot
Rows: RowsPart of the design of the slot, the rows are the horizontal lines that trigger special features when certain paying symbols fall in place. 4
Reels: ReelsReels are the vertical lines that are build in the slots architecture; together with the rows they help trigger special winning combinations. 5
Paylines: PaylinesPaylines, or betting lines, are the pre-determined links of symbols across the rows and reels of a slot. A slot can have anywhere from just 1 payline or up to thousands paylines! 20
Slot Layout: Slot LayoutThe layout of the slot is the way the slot is built, based on the number of rows, reels and paylines. 5 x 4

Slot Features

Minimum Bet: Minimum BetThe minimum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $0.1
Maximum Bet: Maximum BetThe maximum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $75
Maximum Win: Maximum WinThe total maximum amount that you could win triggering the biggest winning combo. $192000
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Bonus Buy Feature: Bonus Buy FeatureThis feature enables players to instantly pay for and access the special bonus feature of the slot instead of waiting for a lucky spin in a long spin sequence. This feature has proven to be quite popular among slot players.
Free Spins Feature: Free Spins FeatureFree spins are the most popular feature in online slots today. Usually they are not just a free spinning on the usual gameplay of the slot but are bundled into separate and more exciting feature with special effects and much greater winning potential.
Available: Android, IOS, Windows


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X-Demon Paytable

X-Demon Paytable

X-Demon Base Play

X-Demon Base Play

X-Demon Homescreen

X-Demon Homescreen

Expert’s Opinion


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In all honesty, X-Demon presents a compelling and chilling gaming experience that captures the attention with its haunting theme and eerie graphics. The innovative features, such as the Mines game and Symbol Swap, inject a refreshing twist to the gameplay, offering exciting opportunities for unexpected rewards. The competitive RTP of 96.07% adds to the appeal, promising a decent payout percentage for players willing to face the malevolent forces within the dark realm. However, the medium-high volatility might pose a challenge for some players seeking more frequent wins, as longer periods without significant payouts can occur. While the sinister theme contributes to the game's allure, it may not resonate with all players, as individual preferences regarding slot themes vary. Overall, X-Demon is an intriguing slot that appeals to thrill-seekers and those drawn to supernatural adventures, providing an immersive and spine-tingling journey through the unknown that leaves players captivated by the possibilities lurking within the shadows.

9.38 /10 by Mladen Gyuzelski

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x-demon by evoplay

Introducing X-Demon

Welcome to the dark and mysterious realm of X-Demon, an electrifying online slot crafted by Evoplay. Prepare to delve into the abyss where demons roam, as you embark on a spine-chilling adventure filled with thrilling features and potential rewards. Set against a haunting backdrop of shadows and eerie ambiance, X-Demon transports players into a world where supernatural forces hold sway. With its striking graphics, captivating gameplay, and innovative mechanics, this slot promises an unforgettable journey through the unknown. As you spin the reels and face the demonic entities that lurk within, brace yourself for an adrenaline-pumping experience like no other. X-Demon beckons the brave and the bold to confront the forces of darkness and unearth the hidden treasures that await those who dare to challenge the malevolent spirits.

X-Demon Volatility and RTP

The game's medium-high volatility infuses the gameplay with both excitement and challenge, offering the potential for substantial wins while still providing frequent enough payouts to keep players engaged. This level of volatility appeals to thrill-seekers who relish the adrenaline rush of chasing bigger rewards.

Additionally, the commendable Return to Player (RTP) of 96.07% ensures that a significant portion of players' wagers will be returned over time, making X-Demon a favorable choice for those seeking a higher payout percentage. As players confront the demonic forces within the game's eerie realm, they can anticipate an exhilarating and rewarding experience, where the boundary between fear and excitement is blurred, and the quest for otherworldly treasures unfolds.

X-Demon strikes an alluring balance between risk and reward with a medium-high volatility level and a competitive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 96.07%.

The Paytable of X-Demon

The Paytable of X-Demon reveals a spine-chilling array of symbols that bring the sinister realm to life with eerie allure. Each icon exudes a dark and mysterious aura, perfectly complementing the game's haunting theme. Players will encounter a variety of malevolent creatures and supernatural artifacts, each holding the potential for enticing rewards. The Paytable outlines the hierarchy of symbols and their respective values, guiding players through the sinister landscape as they seek to align the demonic beings in winning combinations. As the reels spin, the Paytable of X-Demon stands as a haunting guide, luring players deeper into the unknown, and tempting them to confront the malevolent forces for the chance to unearth hidden treasures shrouded in darkness.

X-Demon Paytable

The Symbols of X-Demon

The Symbols of X-Demon encompass a sinister array of malevolent creatures and supernatural artifacts, exuding a dark and mysterious allure that perfectly complements the game's haunting theme.

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 10

x5 = 150x

x4 = 15x

x3 = 3x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 9

x5 = 37

x4 = 10x

x3 = 2x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 8

x5 = 30x

x4 = 7.5x

x3 = 1.5x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 7

x5 = 24x

x4 = 6x

x3 = 1.2x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 6

x5 = 20x

x4 = 5

x3 = 1x

x5 = 6x

x4 = 1.5x

x3 = 0.2x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 4

x5 = 6x

x4 = 1.5x

x3 = 0.2x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 3

x5 = 3.5x

x4 = 1x

x3 = 0.1x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 2

x5 = 3.5x

x4 = 1x

x3 = 0.1x

X-Demon Paytable Symbol 1

x5 = 150x

x4 = 15x

x3 = 3x

X-Demon Features

X-Demon is a chilling showcase of innovative features that heighten the supernatural experience for players daring enough to enter its dark domain. The Scatter symbol emerges as a key element, triggering spine-tingling Free Spins rounds when landing in the right combinations. The Substitution symbol brings a demonic twist, replacing certain symbols to create winning sequences. The Symbol Swap feature introduces eerie transformations, morphing symbols on the reels for the chance of more significant rewards. As players delve deeper, they encounter Symbol Collections, where amassing enough haunting symbols unlocks thrilling bonuses. The Wilds, as malevolent as they come, materialize to replace regular symbols, opening new avenues for wins. For those seeking faster access to the action, the Bonus Buy feature allows direct entry into the gripping Free Spins rounds. X-Demon's dark allure lies in its chilling gameplay and a plethora of features, ensuring an immersive and rewarding experience for all those who dare to embrace the demonic forces that roam within.

Feature Description
Scatter Symbol The Scatter symbol triggers Free Spins rounds when landing in specific combinations, unlocking spine-tingling bonus opportunities.
Substitution Symbol The Substitution symbol acts as a malevolent force, replacing certain symbols on the reels to form winning combinations more easily.
Symbol Swap The Symbol Swap feature brings eerie transformations, morphing symbols on the reels to create new winning possibilities for players.
Symbol Collections As players venture further into the dark domain, they can gather Symbol Collections, amassing haunting symbols to unlock thrilling bonuses.
Wilds The Wilds, as sinister as they come, materialize to substitute regular symbols, opening new avenues for players to secure winning lines.
Bonus Buy The Bonus Buy feature caters to those seeking instant action, allowing direct entry into the gripping Free Spins rounds of the game.
Free Spins Triggered by the Scatter symbol, the Free Spins rounds offer a chilling opportunity to unlock bonus rewards and pursue otherworldly treasures.

X-Demon Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Slot Machine IconX-Demon embraces seamless mobile compatibility, ensuring that players can embark on their chilling adventure from the convenience of their smartphones and tablets. Developed by Evoplay Entertainment, the game employs modern web technologies to deliver a fully responsive and immersive experience, perfectly adapted to various screen sizes and resolutions. The mobile version of X-Demon retains all the sinister graphics, chilling features, and eerie ambiance of its desktop counterpart. The user-friendly interface is optimized for touch controls, providing smooth navigation and intuitive gameplay on iOS and Android devices. Whether players prefer to confront the demonic entities during a commute or brave the sinister realm from the comfort of home, X-Demon offers a captivating and convenient gaming experience on the go. With the flexibility to explore the dark domain anytime and anywhere, X-Demon ensures that the haunting adventure is never far away. From the eerie symbols to the chilling features, the game promises an immersive and spine-tingling experience, as players confront malevolent forces and uncover hidden treasures from the palm of their hand.

Helpful Questions for X-Demon by Evoplay

Learn more and enhance your X-Demon experience with these helpful questions.

What is the RTP of the X-Demon?

96-97 RTP RangeThe Return to Player (RTP) of X-Demon is 96.07%. This means that, on average, for every $100 wagered, the game is expected to return approximately $96.07 to the players over an extended period of gameplay. It's important to note that RTP is a theoretical percentage and individual gaming sessions can deviate from this average. With an RTP of 96.07%, X-Demon offers a favorable payout rate, adding to the appeal for players seeking a rewarding and chilling gaming experience in the supernatural realm.

What is the maximum win of X-Demon?

Maximum Win IconThe maximum win in X-Demon is approximately 210,000 coins or currency units. This thrilling potential jackpot adds an extra layer of excitement to the gameplay, providing players with the opportunity to achieve significant rewards as they venture deeper into the dark and chilling realm of the supernatural. However, hitting the maximum win is a rare and thrilling accomplishment, reserved for those brave enough to face the malevolent forces that roam within X-Demon. With its chilling features and eerie ambiance, the game offers an unforgettable gaming experience that tantalizingly lures players towards the chance of unearthing otherworldly treasures.

What is the betting range applied at X-Demon?

Range IconThe betting range applied in X-Demon allows players to place wagers ranging from a minimum of 0.1 coins or currency units to a maximum of 75 coins or currency units per spin. This wide betting range caters to a variety of players, accommodating both those who prefer to play conservatively with smaller bets and those who enjoy the thrill of higher stakes. Whether you're a casual player looking for modest wagers or a high roller seeking bigger risks and potential rewards, X-Demon provides a flexible betting system to suit different gaming preferences and styles.

Which game provider has created X-Demon?

Evoplay LogoX-Demon is created by the game provider Evoplay Entertainment. Evoplay is renowned for developing visually stunning and innovative online slot games, and X-Demon is no exception. With its chilling theme, immersive gameplay, and thrilling features, the game showcases Evoplay's commitment to delivering exceptional gaming experiences to players worldwide. The dark and eerie ambiance of X-Demon reflects the provider's dedication to crafting unique and captivating slot adventures that leave players on the edge of their seats, ready to confront the malevolent forces that lurk within.

Is X-Demon mobile-friendly?

Mobile Casinos IconYes, X-Demon is designed to be fully mobile-friendly. Developed by Evoplay Entertainment, the game is optimized for seamless and immersive gameplay on smartphones and tablets. The mobile version retains all the chilling graphics, eerie ambiance, and thrilling features of its desktop counterpart, ensuring that players can enjoy the supernatural adventure on the go. The user-friendly interface is optimized for touch controls, providing smooth navigation and intuitive gameplay on both iOS and Android devices. Whether players choose to brave the sinister realm during a commute or seek hidden treasures from the comfort of their home, X-Demon promises a captivating and convenient gaming experience on mobile platforms. With the flexibility to explore the dark domain anytime and anywhere, X-Demon ensures that the haunting adventure is never far away. Whether players encounter malevolent forces during a break or dare to confront the chilling realm on their mobile devices, the game promises an immersive and spine-tingling experience that can be enjoyed with ease on smartphones and tablets.

CasinoLandia's Conclusion on X-Demon

From our perspective, X-Demon by Evoplay Entertainment emerges as an alluring addition to their diverse array of slot games. The chilling theme, innovative features, and captivating gameplay ensure an immersive and thrilling experience for players who seek a supernatural adventure. With its mobile-friendly design, X-Demon offers the flexibility to embrace the malevolent forces and confront the dark realm from the convenience of smartphones and tablets. The wide betting range accommodates a broad spectrum of players, catering to both cautious bettors and high rollers seeking bigger risks. The game's competitive RTP of 96.07% further adds to the appeal, promising a favorable payout percentage for those who dare to venture into the unknown. As players brave the chilling realm of X-Demon, they unlock the potential to achieve the maximum win of approximately 210,000 coins, heightening the excitement and anticipation for untold riches. Casinolandia recognizes X-Demon as an enticing choice, where the boundary between fear and excitement is blurred, and the pursuit of otherworldly treasures awaits the fearless.

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