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Red Lion

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Red Lion by Felix Gaming
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Updated: Jul 11, 2024

Quick Facts

Provider: ProviderThe Slot Provider is none other than the company who developed the slot. Simply click on the name of the provider to find our more about it!
Date Launched: Date LaunchedThe date when this slot game was launched. 18/03/2019
Theme: ThemeTheme is the general genre that the the slot could be classified as. One of the elements that makes slot games appealing, A nicely planned popular theme can potentially skyrocket the popularity of an online slot! China, Chinese New Year, Festival, Fireworks, Lion, Yuan Bao
Jackpot: JackpotA stand-alone or multi-leveled progressive prize pool that a player can win at a given time, simply by spinning the reels.
Special Symbols: Special SymbolsThe special symbols of a slot are part of its mechanic. Elements such as Wilds, Scatters and regular paying symbols come together to form winning combinations. Bonus, Card, Expanding, Scatters, Wilds

Review Summary

Red Lion, a creation by Felix Gaming, is a vibrant and culturally rich slot that ushers players into the heart of Chinese New Year festivities. Released on March 18, 2019, this visually captivating game showcases a festival of lanterns, Yuan Bao, and traditional Chinese elements, immersing players in the joyous celebration. With a 5-3 layout, 20 betways, and a medium variance, Red Lion strikes a balance between regular wins and the potential for significant payouts, catering to a diverse audience of players. The inclusion of features like expanding symbols, free spins, and an interactive bonus game, where players pick objects to reveal festive surprises, adds layers of excitement and engagement to the gameplay. Despite a slightly below-average Return to Player (RTP) of 95.6%, the allure of a maximum win multiplier of x20,000.00 keeps the anticipation high, making each spin on Red Lion's colorful reels a journey into both cultural richness and potential rewards. The game's mobile compatibility ensures that the festive celebration is accessible anytime, anywhere, making Red Lion a standout choice for those seeking a visually enchanting and entertaining slot experience.

Slot Information

Return to Player (RTP): Return to Player (RTP)The Return to Player is a statistic that aims to show the player's edge over the casino - the higher this number is the better! We review all slots based on this RTP value so click on the percentage on the right to find our more slots with a similar RTP! 95.6%
Volatility/Variance: Volatility/VarianceVolatility or Variance is meant to describe the winning potential of a slot game: a high volatility will have you win big but no so often, while a low volatility will let you win frequently, but less. Medium
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Slot Type: Slot TypeSlots can be categorized as classic, 3D, video slots, etc. Click on the type of slot on the right to see similar types of slots! Video Slot
Rows: RowsPart of the design of the slot, the rows are the horizontal lines that trigger special features when certain paying symbols fall in place. 3
Reels: ReelsReels are the vertical lines that are build in the slots architecture; together with the rows they help trigger special winning combinations. 5
Paylines: PaylinesPaylines, or betting lines, are the pre-determined links of symbols across the rows and reels of a slot. A slot can have anywhere from just 1 payline or up to thousands paylines! 20
Slot Layout: Slot LayoutThe layout of the slot is the way the slot is built, based on the number of rows, reels and paylines. 5 x 3

Slot Features

Minimum Bet: Minimum BetThe minimum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $0.01
Maximum Bet: Maximum BetThe maximum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $30
Maximum Win: Maximum WinThe total maximum amount that you could win triggering the biggest winning combo. $2000000
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Auto Play Feature: Auto Play FeatureAuto Play is a built-in function on the slot interface that enables automatic spinning of the slot without the player having to press the Spin button on every spin. Usually, the function can be preset to auto execute a certain number of spins like 20,50, 100, or more. Players can typically define their bet amount and set loss limits before starting Auto Play.
Bonus Round Feature: Bonus Round FeatureThe Bonus game feature are the most interesting and profitable phase of the game that different from the ordinary repetitive gameplay. Usually it is triggered by landing several scatter or bonus symbols at the same time. The biggest wins in a slot are usually triggered during the Bonus game play.
Free Spins Feature: Free Spins FeatureFree spins are the most popular feature in online slots today. Usually they are not just a free spinning on the usual gameplay of the slot but are bundled into separate and more exciting feature with special effects and much greater winning potential.
Pick Objects Feature: Pick Objects FeatureThe Pick Objects feature invites players to choose from a selection of objects displayed on the screen, each concealing hidden prizes or bonuses. By selecting the right objects, players can uncover cash rewards, multipliers, free spins, or even access to additional bonus rounds.
Available: Android, IOS, Windows


  • Balanced Variance
  • Maximum Win Potential
  • Mobile Compatibility


  • No Progressive Jackpot
  • Released in 2019

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Red Lion by Felix Gaming provides a visually captivating and culturally rich experience that successfully immerses players in the festive celebration of Chinese New Year. The slot's thematic coherence is commendable, with traditional symbols and vibrant visuals creating an immersive atmosphere. The inclusion of diverse features, such as expanding symbols, free spins, and an engaging bonus game, adds layers of excitement to the gameplay, enhancing the overall entertainment value. The prospect of a maximum win multiplier of x20,000.00 adds a thrilling dimension, keeping players engaged with the anticipation of substantial rewards. However, the slightly below-average Return to Player (RTP) could be a consideration for those who prioritize long-term returns. Despite this, Red Lion's balanced variance ensures a mix of regular wins and occasional larger payouts, catering to a broad audience. The game's mobile compatibility further extends its accessibility, allowing players to partake in the festive celebration on the go. In essence, Red Lion delivers a joyful and visually enchanting slot experience, offering a harmonious blend of cultural richness and potential for festive winnings.

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Red Lion Thumbnail Small

Introducing Red Lion

Step into the vibrant world of Red Lion, a festive video slot crafted by Felix Gaming and released on March 18, 2019. This captivating game immerses players in the heart of Chinese New Year celebrations, offering a visual feast of lanterns, Yuan Bao, and a kaleidoscope of red and violet hues. With a 5-3 layout and 20 betways, Red Lion invites players to experience the thrill of the festival amid dazzling fireworks. The medium variance promises a well-balanced gameplay experience, providing a mix of frequent wins and the potential for more substantial payouts. As the reels spin, players can anticipate encountering a myriad of features, including expanding symbols, free spins, and a bonus game where the excitement reaches new heights as players pick objects to unveil festive surprises. With a maximum win of x20,000.00, Red Lion not only captures the spirit of celebration but also offers the promise of significant rewards, making it a standout choice for those seeking a joyous and rewarding slot experience.

Red Lion Volatility and RTP

Red Lion by Felix Gaming strikes a harmonious balance between volatility and potential returns, making it a compelling choice for players seeking a well-rounded gaming experience. With a medium variance, the game manages to maintain a blend of regular, smaller wins and occasional larger payouts, providing an engaging rhythm on the festival-themed reels. This balance caters to a broad spectrum of players, offering a comfortable level of risk that appeals to both cautious players and those looking for more exhilarating moments.

The Return to Player (RTP) for Red Lion is set at 95.6%, which, while slightly below the industry average, positions the game competitively in the market. This percentage indicates the expected return of wagered money over time, and although it falls on the lower side, the dynamic gameplay and potential for substantial wins contribute to an overall enjoyable gaming experience. The medium variance and RTP work in tandem, creating an atmosphere where players can savor the festivities without compromising the excitement of chasing significant rewards

While specific details about hit frequency are not provided, the combination of medium variance and the inherent thrill of festival-themed features suggests a well-paced gaming experience. Players can anticipate a fair mix of winning combinations and bonus features, ensuring that each spin on Red Lion's vibrant reels holds the promise of both entertainment and potential winnings, contributing to the overall appeal of this festival-themed slot.

The Paytable of Red Lion

The paytable of Red Lion is a captivating display of festive symbols and potential winnings, perfectly complementing the vibrant Chinese New Year theme. Populated with lanterns, Yuan Bao, and other traditional symbols, the paytable mirrors the joyous atmosphere of the festival. Each symbol carries its own value, contributing to the potential rewards awaiting players on the 5×3 layout with 20 betways. Red Lion's paytable is not only a guide to the worth of each symbol but also a testament to the thematic coherence and attention to detail that Felix Gaming has applied to the game. As players navigate the festival-themed reels, the paytable acts as a visual and informational roadmap, guiding them through the excitement of the festivities while keeping them informed about the potential winnings that can be unlocked with each spin.

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Battle Warrior Waterworld Mermaid Ocean Weapons Gun Knife Sword Weather Avalanche Blizzard Hurricane Tornado Wedding Wild West WildLife Winter Wolves Zodiac Zombie Zoo Select All Deselect All Special Symbols Bonus Colossal Expanding Multipliers Mystery Symbol Re-Spins Scatters Stacked Sticky Substitution Symbols Symbol Swap Symbols Collection Walking Wilds Select All Deselect All Features Arcade Game Auto Play Avalanche / Tumbling Reels Bingo Bonus Bet Bonus Buy Bonus Round Book of Card Game Changing Reelset Cluster Pays Computer Game Crash/Burst Fast Games Fortune Wheel Free Spins Gamble Round Game History Gonzo Mechanic Hexahedron Clusters Hold and Spin Hyperspins Infinity Reels Instant Game Instant Win Jackpot Lock it Link Lottery Megaways Mine Game Mini Game Nudge Pay Anywhere Pick Objects Removal Skill Games Splitting Symbols Starburst Mechanic Symbol Swap Synchronizing Reels Turbo Play Win All Ways Win Both Ways xPays Select All Deselect All Review summary "Red Lion" is a video slot game developed by Felix Gaming. The game features 5 reels, 3 rows, and 20 paylines, and it has a wildlife theme with various symbols such as lions, zebras, and gazelles. The game includes several special features, including wild and scatter symbols, as well as a bonus game that is triggered by landing three or more bonus symbols. In the bonus game, players choose from a grid of rocks to reveal hidden payouts. The game also includes an auto-play feature that allows players to automatically spin the reels for a set number of times. Overall, "Red Lion" offers a visually impressive and potentially rewarding gaming experience for fans of wildlife-themed slots. Pros Item Add Row Cons Item Add Row Gallery Add to gallery Bulk actions CloseUpdate Expert opinion Slot Block Modular A modular block. Advanced Skip to the selected block Open publish panel Slot Modular Notifications1 block added. Close dialog Add media Actions Upload filesMedia Library Expand Details Filter mediaFilter by type All media items Filter by date All dates Smush: All images Search Media list Showing 90 of 51874 media items Load more ATTACHMENT DETAILS Red-Lion-Paytable.jpg January 15, 2024 810 KB 1200 by 675 pixels Edit Image Delete permanently Alt Text Learn how to describe the purpose of the image(opens in a new tab). Leave empty if the image is purely decorative.Title Red Lion Paytable Caption Description File URL: Copy URL to clipboard Smush 14 images reduced by 49.3 KB (4.8%) Image size: 810.2 KB View Stats ATTACHMENT DISPLAY SETTINGS Alignment None Link To None Size Medium – 300 × 169 Selected media actions 1 item selected Clear Insert into post

The Symbols of Red Lion

The symbols in Red Lion exude a festive charm, featuring traditional Chinese New Year elements such as lanterns and Yuan Bao, adorned with a vivid color palette of red and violet hues, creating a visually engaging and culturally rich slot experience.

Red Lion Paytable Symbol 6

x5 = 3000

x4 = 1500

x3 = 300

x2 = 60

Red Lion Paytable Symbol 5

x5 = 2250

x4 = 375

x3 = 75

Red Lion Paytable Symbol 4

x5 = 750

x4 = 150

x3 = 45

Red Lion Paytable Symbol 3

x5 = 1200

x4 = 300

x3 = 60

Red Lion Paytable Symbol 2

x5 = 300

x4 = 90

x3 = 30

Red Lion Paytable Symbol 1

x5 = 225

x4 = 60

x3 = 15

Red Lion Features

Red Lion boasts a spectacular array of features that elevate the festive celebration on its 5×3 reels. The inclusion of expanding symbols enhances the potential for significant wins as symbols stretch across the reels, creating exciting combinations. Free spins, triggered by scatter symbols, offer players the chance to revel in the joyous festival without depleting their wagers. The bonus game, featuring the pick objects mechanic, adds an interactive element, allowing players to uncover festive surprises and potentially increase their winnings. With additional features like bonus symbols and wilds, Red Lion ensures a dynamic and entertaining gameplay experience. The thematic coherence of these features, combined with the vibrant festival visuals, makes Red Lion a standout slot that not only captures the spirit of Chinese New Year but also promises an immersive and rewarding journey for players seeking both entertainment and substantial wins.

Feature Description
Expanding Symbols Symbols that stretch across the reels, potentially leading to significant wins.
Free Spins Triggered by scatter symbols, offering players the opportunity to enjoy spins without depleting their wagers.
Bonus Game An interactive feature where players can pick objects, unveiling festive surprises and potentially increasing winnings.
Scatter Symbols Symbols that unlock the free spins feature, adding an extra layer of excitement to the festive celebration.
Bonus Symbols Symbols that contribute to triggering bonus features, enhancing the overall gameplay experience.
Wild Symbols that substitute for other symbols, increasing the chances of forming winning combinations.

Red Lion Mobile Compatibility

Mobile Slot Machine IconRed Lion ensures a seamless and engaging festival experience for players on the go, as it is meticulously designed for mobile compatibility. Crafted with advanced technologies like JavaScript (JS) and HTML5, this Chinese New Year-themed slot adapts effortlessly to various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The stunning visuals of lanterns, Yuan Bao, and festive elements remain vibrant and immersive, providing players with a visually pleasing and enjoyable mobile gaming experience. Whether players are immersed in the festival atmosphere during a commute or seeking festive thrills from the convenience of their mobile devices, Red Lion invites them to celebrate Chinese New Year anytime, anywhere. The commitment to mobile compatibility underscores the game's accessibility, ensuring that the festive reels and exciting features are readily available at players' fingertips, making Red Lion a versatile and enjoyable slot for those who prefer the flexibility of mobile gaming.

Helpful Questions for Red Lion by Felix Gaming

Learn more and enhance your Red Lion experience with these helpful questions.

What is the RTP of the Red Lion?

96-97 RTP RangeRed Lion boasts a Return to Player (RTP) rate of 95.6%, signifying the percentage of wagered money that the game is designed to return to players over an extended period. While this RTP falls slightly below the industry average, the dynamic gameplay, festive features, and potential for substantial wins contribute to an overall engaging and entertaining slot experience. Players exploring the vibrant reels of Red Lion can anticipate a fair and festive journey, with the RTP serving as an indication of the game's commitment to providing a balanced blend of entertainment and potential winnings during the Chinese New Year celebration.

What is the maximum win of Red Lion?

Maximum Win IconAmidst the festive celebration of Red Lion, players have the exciting prospect of aiming for a maximum win that reaches an impressive multiplier of x20,000.00. This substantial jackpot adds an extra layer of thrill to the Chinese New Year-themed slot, providing players with the potential for significant rewards as they spin the colorful reels adorned with lanterns, Yuan Bao, and other festive symbols. The promise of such a substantial maximum win serves as a beckoning allure, inviting players to join the festivities not only for the joyous atmosphere but also for the chance to unlock the grandest rewards hidden within the vibrant and dynamic reels of Red Lion.

What is the betting range applied at Red Lion?

Range IconRed Lion caters to a diverse range of players with its accommodating betting range, ensuring that both cautious players and high rollers can partake in the festive celebration. The minimum bet starts at a mere 0.01 [currency], offering an accessible entry point for those who prefer more conservative wagers or casual gaming sessions. On the other end of the spectrum, the maximum bet is set at 30 [currency], providing a higher stakes option for players seeking a more exhilarating and riskier festival experience. This wide betting range allows players to tailor their stakes based on individual preferences and strategies, making Red Lion an inclusive slot that caters to a broad audience. The flexibility in betting ensures that players of varying risk preferences can immerse themselves in the vibrant Chinese New Year festivities, contributing to the overall accessibility and appeal of the slot.

Which game provider has created Red Lion?

Felix GamingRed Lion is a creation from the innovative game developer Felix Gaming. As the provider behind this festive slot, Felix Gaming once again showcases its expertise in crafting visually appealing and engaging games. Released on March 18, 2019, Red Lion not only captures the spirit of Chinese New Year with its vibrant visuals and festive features but also exemplifies Felix Gaming's commitment to delivering quality and entertaining slot experiences. With its thematic coherence, dynamic features, and the inclusion of traditional Chinese New Year symbols, Red Lion stands as a testament to Felix Gaming's ability to create immersive and enjoyable slots within the diverse landscape of online casino gaming.

Is Red Lion mobile-friendly?

Mobile Casinos IconAbsolutely, Red Lion by Felix Gaming is designed to bring the festive celebration to players wherever they go, as it boasts excellent mobile compatibility. Crafted with cutting-edge technologies such as JavaScript (JS) and HTML5, the Chinese New Year-themed slot seamlessly adapts to various mobile devices, including smartphones and tablets. The visually striking elements of lanterns, Yuan Bao, and vibrant festival colors remain captivating even on smaller screens, ensuring that players can partake in the joyous festivities on the move. Whether players are engaging with Red Lion during a commute or seeking a bit of festive cheer from the comfort of their mobile devices, the game's commitment to mobile compatibility ensures a delightful and accessible gaming experience for those who appreciate the flexibility of mobile play.

CasinoLandia's Conclusion on Red Lion

In conclusion, Red Lion by Felix Gaming stands out as a vibrant and engaging slot that successfully encapsulates the spirit of Chinese New Year festivities. Released on March 18, 2019, the game offers a visually striking celebration, adorned with traditional symbols like lanterns and Yuan Bao. With a diverse range of features, including expanding symbols, free spins, and an interactive bonus game, Red Lion ensures a dynamic and entertaining gameplay experience. The medium variance provides a well-balanced rhythm of wins, catering to a broad spectrum of players. While the Return to Player (RTP) of 95.6% is slightly below the industry average, the potential for a maximum win multiplier of x20,000.00 adds an exciting layer of anticipation for those seeking substantial rewards. Red Lion's compatibility with mobile devices further enhances its accessibility, allowing players to join the festive celebration anytime, anywhere. Overall, Red Lion is a joyous and visually captivating slot that invites players to immerse themselves in the cultural richness of Chinese New Year while pursuing festive wins.

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