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Aviatrix by Aviatrix
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Yordan Gyuzelski | Web Content Writer

Updated: Apr 18, 2024

Quick Facts

Provider: ProviderThe Slot Provider is none other than the company who developed the slot. Simply click on the name of the provider to find our more about it!
Date Launched: Date LaunchedThe date when this slot game was launched. 11/05/2023
Theme: ThemeTheme is the general genre that the the slot could be classified as. One of the elements that makes slot games appealing, A nicely planned popular theme can potentially skyrocket the popularity of an online slot! Airplane, Flying
Jackpot: JackpotA stand-alone or multi-leveled progressive prize pool that a player can win at a given time, simply by spinning the reels.
Special Symbols: Special SymbolsThe special symbols of a slot are part of its mechanic. Elements such as Wilds, Scatters and regular paying symbols come together to form winning combinations. Multipliers

Review Summary

"Aviatrix" has taken flight in the world of NFT gaming, offering a groundbreaking and exhilarating experience that combines the thrill of aviation with blockchain-powered innovation. The game's Variable Volatility feature allows players to tailor their risk levels, catering to both high-stakes adventurers and those who prefer a more conservative approach. With a competitive 97% RTP, "Aviatrix" ensures favorable long-term odds, making it an attractive choice for a diverse range of players. The unique crash/burst feature, where players bet on their customized airplane's flight duration, adds a layer of suspense and strategy that keeps players engaged. The game's accessibility on mobile devices further enhances its appeal, offering aviation enthusiasts and NFT gamers the convenience to enjoy high-flying adventures wherever they go. "Aviatrix" has successfully carved its path in the NFT gaming landscape, offering players an innovative and thrilling journey through the skies with the potential for substantial rewards.

Slot Information

Return to Player (RTP): Return to Player (RTP)The Return to Player is a statistic that aims to show the player's edge over the casino - the higher this number is the better! We review all slots based on this RTP value so click on the percentage on the right to find our more slots with a similar RTP! 97%
Volatility/Variance: Volatility/VarianceVolatility or Variance is meant to describe the winning potential of a slot game: a high volatility will have you win big but no so often, while a low volatility will let you win frequently, but less. Medium
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Slot Type: Slot TypeSlots can be categorized as classic, 3D, video slots, etc. Click on the type of slot on the right to see similar types of slots! Crash/Burst, Video Slot
Rows: RowsPart of the design of the slot, the rows are the horizontal lines that trigger special features when certain paying symbols fall in place.
Reels: ReelsReels are the vertical lines that are build in the slots architecture; together with the rows they help trigger special winning combinations.
Paylines: PaylinesPaylines, or betting lines, are the pre-determined links of symbols across the rows and reels of a slot. A slot can have anywhere from just 1 payline or up to thousands paylines!
Slot Layout: Slot LayoutThe layout of the slot is the way the slot is built, based on the number of rows, reels and paylines.

Slot Features

Minimum Bet: Minimum BetThe minimum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $0.1
Maximum Bet: Maximum BetThe maximum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $300
Maximum Win: Maximum WinThe total maximum amount that you could win triggering the biggest winning combo. $19761
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Crash/Burst Feature: Crash/Burst FeatureWhen triggered, symbols on the reels explode or burst, creating space for new symbols to cascade down. This mechanic can lead to chain reactions of wins, with each burst potentially increasing multipliers or activating bonus features.
Available: Android, IOS, Windows


  • Innovative Concept
  • Thrilling Crash/Burst Feature
  • Customization Option
  • Mobile Compatibility


  • Learning Curve
  • Limited Theme Appeal
  • Customization Complexity

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Expert’s Opinion


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"Aviatrix" represents a paradigm shift in NFT gaming, where creativity and innovation meet the exhilaration of aviation adventures. Its Variable Volatility feature offers a level of customization that caters to a broad spectrum of player preferences, ensuring that everyone can find their unique gaming groove. The 97% RTP is a clear indicator of the developer's commitment to providing players with favorable odds and the potential for consistent returns, creating an attractive gaming environment. The crash/burst feature adds an exciting element of unpredictability, transforming each flight into a suspenseful and rewarding experience. The game's mobile compatibility further reinforces its accessibility and convenience, allowing players to engage in high-flying NFT adventures anytime, anywhere. "Aviatrix" has truly taken off as a pioneering and forward-thinking title in the NFT gaming landscape, offering players a captivating blend of aviation enthusiasm, customization, and the prospect of substantial winnings. It's a game that embodies the spirit of innovation and adventure, where the skies are open for exploration and rewards await those who dare to take flight.

9.87 /10 by Yordan Gyuzelski

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Aviatrix Thumbnail

Introducing the Aviatrix

“Aviatrix: Crash/Burst” is a groundbreaking NFT game that takes the thrilling theme of aviation and propels it into the world of blockchain-powered entertainment. In this innovative game, players embark on a unique adventure where they wager on the flight duration of customizable airplanes before they inevitably meet their explosive end in a spectacular crash. It's an adrenaline-pumping experience that combines the excitement of aviation with the world of NFTs, offering players the chance to own, personalize, and bet on their aircraft in a way that's never been seen before. As the boundaries between virtual and real-world assets continue to blur, “Aviatrix: Crash/Burst” emerges as a trailblazing title, inviting players to explore the skies, customize their planes, and engage in high-stakes wagers in a thrilling collision of technology and aviation passion.

Rules and Mechanics of Aviatrix Game

Rules IconThe Aviatrix game stands out as a distinctive departure from traditional slot games, introducing players to the thrilling world of Crash/Burst gameplay, which is rapidly gaining popularity. As you embark on your Aviatrix journey, you'll be greeted by an airplane poised for takeoff on the screen, accompanied by a betting table where you can place up to two bets ranging from a modest $0.1 to an adventurous $300. Each round commences automatically, with a 5-second interval to fine-tune your betting strategy. One unique advantage is the ability to observe fellow players' outcomes, allowing you to refine your tactics as you engage in Aviatrix.

As the plane soars into the sky, a coefficient begins to accumulate, determining your potential profit. Your odds and earnings rise with each chosen altitude, giving you the flexibility to close your bet and collect your winnings at any moment.

However, it's essential to be aware that when the plane crashes, your bet goes down with it.

For newcomers to Aviatrix, we recommend trying the demo version provided at the top of the page to gain a solid grasp of the game's mechanics through a few trial rounds. The range of odds spans from 1.13 to an enticing 65.87, with the potential for a maximum profit of 19,761 – a remarkable feat, though not one that occurs every day. Keep in mind that the plane can meet an early demise, so it's wise not to go overboard with ambitious bets.

Here is a simple calculation:

  • Maximum coefficient: 65.87
  • Max bet: 300$
  • Here is the equation:
  • 65.87 x 300 = 19,761.

An exceptional feature of Aviatrix is its auto-play functionality, catering to players who prefer not to be tethered to their screens. This feature enables you to set your bet and specify the odds at which to close the bet, granting you the freedom to enjoy the game without constant computer supervision. Aviatrix offers an exhilarating twist to gaming, blending strategy with excitement for an unforgettable experience.

Rules and Mechanics Aviatrix Game
Game Type Crash/Burst
Betting Range $0.1 to $300
Round Interval 5 seconds
Number of Bets Allowed Up to 2 bets
Observing Other Players Possible
Profit Determination Coefficient-based (increases with altitude)
Closing Bets Possible at any time
Risk of Losing Bet When the plane crashes
Demo Version Available for newcomers
Range of Odds 1.13 to 65.87
Maximum Potential Profit 19,761 (Calculation: 65.87 x $300)
Auto-play Feature Available for convenience

How to Play Aviatrix?

Information IconTo commence your journey in the Aviatrix game, it's vital to acquaint yourself with its user interface and functionalities. Here's a comprehensive breakdown of what you'll encounter:

  1. Central Screen: At the heart of the game, this screen showcases the airplane's flight, the accumulating coefficient, and essential game data.
  2. Betting Table: Positioned below the aircraft screen, this table enables you to place up to 2 bets per round. Additionally, it boasts an Auto Play feature for added convenience.
  3. Statistics Menu: Located on the right-hand side, this menu offers valuable insights. Here, you can observe the outcomes of fellow players and strategize accordingly.
  4. Bonus Segment: Situated adjacent to the statistics menu, this section presents bonus opportunities, enhancing your potential for substantial profits.
  5. Bet History: Found alongside the bonus segment, this feature empowers you to track your betting history. It serves as a valuable tool for learning from past rounds and refining your gaming strategy.

In addition, you have the intriguing option to craft your own personalized NFT plane for participation in-game tournaments. Explore our selection of top-notch casinos that accept Aviatrix to maximize this distinctive feature.

Aviatrix adheres to simple rules: place your bet and ensure you close it before the plane experiences a crash. While the plane may encounter an early mishap, there's no need to worry, as subsequent rounds offer increasingly favorable coefficients, allowing you to recover previous losses easily. Make the most of the Auto Play functionality to secure your winnings without the need for continuous manual play. Aviatrix seamlessly blends simplicity with strategic gameplay, offering an exhilarating gaming adventure.

Bonus System in Aviatrix

Tournament IconAviatrix introduces a bonus system that sets it apart from other Crash/Burst Games by offering players the opportunity for additional and substantial winnings beyond the plane crash scenario. The innovative bonus system is intricately tied to NFTs, allowing each player to craft a personalized plane for participation in a myriad of tournaments and bonus rewards. These customizable planes can feature various colors and functions, serving several purposes:

  • Firstly, they enable participation in tournaments, allowing players to stand out from those with standard planes and compete for the enticing jackpot prizes offered by the casino.
  • Secondly, these planes help players earn valuable experience points, catapulting them to higher tournament rankings. Securing a top-three position can lead to the most significant rewards.
  • Lastly, Aviatrix offers cashback rewards, with the percentage depending on your loyalty program status. This adds an extra layer of benefits for players.

By simply clicking the “Rewards” button, you can access vital information about tournament standings and your own position. This feature aids in self-assessment, a crucial aspect for improvement in future tournaments, aligning with the age-old adage that “one learns from one's mistakes.” For an enhanced gaming experience and increased chances of landing big wins, CasinoLandia strongly recommends joining the loyalty program. This not only facilitates access to substantial rewards but also helps you accumulate valuable experience for future tournaments.

How to Bet in Aviatrix Game?

In this step-by-step guide, we'll walk you through the process of placing your bet in the Aviatrix game and maximizing your chances of making a profitable wager.


Casino Icon

Choose a Reputable Online Casinos and Open Aviatrix

To embark on your Aviatrix betting journey, the initial step involves selecting a reputable online casino from our carefully curated list of top-quality platforms that proudly offer Aviatrix. Once you've made your choice, access the Aviatrix game within the selected casino's platform. Ensuring you choose a reputable casino ensures a secure and enjoyable gaming experience.


Bet Icon

Select Size of Your Bet

Within the Aviatrix game interface, you'll need to determine the size of your wager. Aviatrix provides a flexible betting range, allowing you to place bets ranging from a conservative $0.10 to a more adventurous $300. To finalize your chosen bet amount, simply click the “Bet” button. This step sets the stage for your participation in the game.


Bet Icon

Click Bet to Confirm

Once you've chosen the size of your bet in the Aviatrix game, the next pivotal action is to click the “Bet” button. This simple yet crucial step confirms your wager and sets the wheels of the game in motion. By clicking “Bet,” you officially lock in your chosen bet amount and signal your readiness to participate in the exhilarating Aviatrix gameplay. This action initiates the suspenseful ascent of the virtual plane, marking the beginning of your gaming adventure. So, make sure to confidently click “Bet” to kickstart your journey towards potential winnings and excitement in Aviatrix.


Plane Icon

Wait the Plane to Take Off

Once your bet is in place, the anticipation builds as you eagerly await the virtual plane's takeoff. This pivotal moment signals the commencement of your Aviatrix adventure, filled with thrilling twists and turns.


Ratio Icon

Wait for the Best Payout Ratio

As the virtual aircraft ascends, pay close attention to the payout ratio. Timing is key in Aviatrix, so exercise strategic patience. Wait for the most favorable odds to align with your betting strategy, maximizing your potential winnings.


Close Bet Icon

Close Your Bet Before the Plane Crash

To safeguard your hard-earned winnings, it's imperative to close your bet before the plane meets its untimely crash. Remain vigilant and responsive, as failing to close your bet in time will result in the loss of your wager. Timing and precision are paramount.


Claim Icon

Claim Your Award

Once you've successfully and timely closed your bet, your winnings will be automatically credited to your gaming account. Revel in the satisfaction of a well-executed betting maneuver and enjoy the rewards of your Aviatrix triumph.

Aviatrix Volatility and RTP

Volatility Icon“Aviatrix” brings an exciting twist to the world of NFT gaming with its Variable Volatility feature. This innovative gameplay element allows players to fine-tune their gaming experience by adjusting the volatility of their bets. Whether you're in the mood for high-risk, high-reward wagers or a more stable, consistent approach, “Aviatrix” provides the flexibility to customize your gameplay. This unique feature not only adds depth to the game but also caters to a wide range of player preferences, making it equally appealing to thrill-seekers and those who prefer a more cautious strategy.

Complementing its Variable Volatility feature, “Aviatrix” boasts a competitive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%. This robust RTP represents the theoretical long-term payout rate, indicating that, on average, players can expect to receive back 97% of their total wagers over an extended period of gameplay. With such a player-friendly payout rate, the game not only offers customization through its Variable Volatility but also provides favorable odds and the potential for consistent returns. It's a testament to “Aviatrix's” commitment to delivering an engaging and rewarding gaming experience.

“Aviatrix” combines the flexibility of Variable Volatility with an attractive 97% RTP, providing players with an exciting and customizable gaming experience within the thrilling world of aviation and NFTs.

The Paytable of Aviatrix

In the captivating world of “Aviatrix,” where the thrill of aviation meets the excitement of NFT gaming, the paytable takes on a unique and dynamic role. Unlike traditional slot games, where symbols align to determine wins, “Aviatrix” relies on a different approach. Here, players are rewarded based on the multiplier associated with the duration their customizable airplane remains airborne before its inevitable crash. This dynamic paytable adds an element of suspense and strategy to the game, where the longer your plane flies, the higher your potential multiplier and rewards. It's a fascinating twist that aligns perfectly with the game's theme, where you don't just spin symbols but bet on the flight's duration, making each wager an exhilarating journey of risk and reward in the boundless skies of “Aviatrix.”

Aviatrix Explode

Aviatrix Features

Features Icon“Aviatrix” offers a plethora of captivating features that elevate the NFT gaming experience to new heights while maintaining provably fair gameplay. At the core of the game is the unique and thrilling concept of wagering on the duration of your customizable airplane's flight before it crashes, creating an exhilarating blend of aviation excitement and high-stakes betting. The Variable Volatility feature allows players to tailor their risk level, adding a layer of customization to their gameplay. Additionally, the game's 97% RTP provides players with favorable odds and the potential for consistent returns as they navigate the skies. “Aviatrix” is also designed with meticulous attention to detail, ensuring that the customization options for your airplane are rich and engaging, making each aircraft as unique as the player who designs it. Overall, “Aviatrix” offers an immersive and innovative gaming experience that combines the thrill of flight with the world of NFTs, promising excitement, strategy, and rewards in every flight, all while maintaining transparency and fairness through provably fair mechanics.

Feature Description
Minimum Bet The minimum bet amount in Aviatrix is $0.1, allowing for flexible wagers.
Maximum Bet The maximum bet amount in Aviatrix is $300, catering to high rollers.
Auto Play Feature The Auto Play feature enables seamless and convenient automated gameplay.
Crash/Burst Feature The crash/burst feature is the thrilling culmination of the game, where players eagerly await the explosive end of their airplane's flight, with their winnings determined by the multiplier achieved based on the duration of the flight before the inevitable crash.
Provably Fair Gaming Aviatrix ensures fairness and transparency in gameplay through its Provably Fair Gaming mechanics, providing players with verifiable assurance of the game's integrity and randomness.

Play for Free Aviatrix Game

Demo Version Icon“Aviatrix” offers an exciting opportunity for players to experience the thrill of flight and high-stakes betting without any financial risk through its “Play for Free” mode. This feature allows you to dive into the world of aviation excitement, strategy, and rewards without the need to place real wagers. We strongly recommend you try the free version before you start playing for real money because it's good to get a feel for the game and build some basic strategy to grab the big prizes. Whether you're new to the game and want to practice your skills or simply looking to enjoy the adrenaline rush of flight without any monetary commitment, “Play for Free” in Aviatrix is the perfect way to take to the skies. Enjoy the immersive gameplay, explore customization options, and fine-tune your strategy, all while experiencing the heart-pounding anticipation of each flight, completely free of charge.


Aviatrix Mobile Compatibility

smartphone“Aviatrix” ensures that players can take to the skies and engage in thrilling aviation adventures even when they're on the move. The game is meticulously designed to be fully compatible with a variety of mobile devices, whether you prefer playing on your smartphone or tablet. This means that the captivating world of “Aviatrix” is just a tap away, with all its exciting features, customization options, and the exhilarating crash/burst mechanic accessible on the smaller screens. Whether you're soaring through the clouds during your daily commute or embarking on a high-stakes flight from the comfort of your own home, “Aviatrix” maintains its captivating visuals and engaging gameplay, offering players the convenience and flexibility to enjoy the excitement of aviation and NFT gaming wherever they go.

Helpful Questions for Aviatrix by Aviatrix

Learn more and enhance your Aviatrix experience with these helpful questions.

What is the RTP of the Aviatrix?

96-97 RTP Range“Aviatrix” boasts an impressive Return to Player (RTP) rate of 97%, setting the stage for a gaming experience that combines thrilling aviation adventures with the allure of NFTs. This robust RTP signifies that, on average, players can anticipate receiving back 97% of their total wagers over an extended period of gameplay. Such a player-friendly payout rate enhances the overall appeal of “Aviatrix” by ensuring that players not only immerse themselves in the excitement of aviation but also enjoy favorable odds and the potential for consistent returns. It's a testament to the game's commitment to delivering an engaging and rewarding experience that caters to both the thrill-seekers who crave high-risk flights and those who prefer a more calculated approach. With a 97% RTP, “Aviatrix” stands out in the NFT gaming landscape, offering players an enticing opportunity to explore the skies while reaping the rewards of their daring journeys.

What is the maximum win of Aviatrix?

Maximum Win IconIn the exhilarating realm of “Aviatrix,” players can set their sights on a maximum win of a substantial $19,761, which serves as a beacon of aspiration and excitement within the game. This potential for extraordinary winnings is a testament to the fusion of aviation thrills and the captivating world of NFTs that “Aviatrix” offers. As players embark on their customizable plane journeys and strategically wager on flight durations, the promise of reaching this grand prize of $100,000 adds a profound layer of anticipation to each flight. It transforms every moment in the game into a thrilling pursuit of both aviation excellence and substantial rewards, making “Aviatrix” an enticing choice for players seeking not only high-flying adventures but also the opportunity to secure significant winnings that could change the course of their gaming experience. With the skies as the limit, “Aviatrix” invites players to soar to new heights and explore the exciting intersection of aviation and NFT gaming.

What is the betting range applied at Aviatrix?

Range Icon“Aviatrix” offers a flexible betting range that caters to a wide spectrum of player preferences. Players can initiate their aviation adventures with a minimum bet of just $0.10, making it accessible to those who prefer conservative wagers or have limited budgets. On the other hand, high-fliers seeking to take more substantial risks and aim for larger rewards can embrace the excitement of the game with a maximum bet of $300. This broad betting range ensures that “Aviatrix” accommodates players of all budget sizes and risk appetites, allowing everyone to partake in the thrill of flight and NFT gaming at their own pace and comfort level.

Which game provider has created Aviatrix?

“Aviatrix” is a pioneering NFT game developed by Aviatrix, a name that resonates with its very creation. This distinctive title signifies not just a game but a unique approach to gaming, where the creators have harnessed their own name to represent their innovative vision. In the world of “Aviatrix,” players are invited to explore a dynamic blend of aviation enthusiasm and blockchain-powered gameplay, forging a path where the skies are no longer the limit. This self-titled creation reflects Aviatrix's commitment to pushing the boundaries of NFT gaming, offering players an experience that is both captivating and cutting-edge. By crafting a game that bears their own name, Aviatrix sets a standard of innovation and dedication to the gaming community, embracing the fusion of aviation excitement and NFT technology to create an unforgettable gaming journey. “Aviatrix” stands as a testament to the developer's commitment to delivering groundbreaking gaming experiences that redefine the possibilities within the world of NFTs and online gaming.

Is Aviatrix mobile-friendly?

Mobile Casinos IconAbsolutely, “Aviatrix” is designed to be fully mobile-friendly, ensuring that players can enjoy its thrilling aviation adventures on a variety of mobile devices with ease. Whether you prefer playing on your smartphone or tablet, the game's captivating visuals, customizable aircraft, and the exciting crash/burst mechanic remain fully functional and visually appealing on smaller screens. This means that you can engage in high-flying NFT gaming experiences wherever you go, making “Aviatrix” a convenient and flexible choice for players seeking adventure and rewards at their fingertips.

CasinoLandia's Conclusion on Aviatrix

“Aviatrix” emerges as a pioneering force in the realm of NFT gaming, where the skies are the limit and customization knows no bounds. With its unique approach to aviation excitement and blockchain-powered gameplay, this self-titled creation by Aviatrix invites players on a thrilling journey where the allure of flight meets the potential for substantial rewards. The game's Variable Volatility, competitive 97% RTP, and the thrilling crash/burst feature provide players with a truly dynamic and customizable experience. “Aviatrix” showcases the developer's commitment to innovation and dedication to crafting a gaming experience that pushes the boundaries of what is possible within the world of NFTs and online gaming. Whether you're a seasoned aviator or a newcomer to NFT adventures, “Aviatrix” offers a captivating fusion of aviation enthusiasm, customization, and the potential for extraordinary winnings, all accessible on mobile devices for on-the-go excitement. It's a game where the skies are yours to conquer, and the rewards are as boundless as your imagination, making “Aviatrix” a thrilling and forward-thinking addition to the world of NFT gaming.

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