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Golden Hook

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Golden Hook by Crazy Tooth Studio
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Updated: Mar 31, 2023

Quick Facts

Provider: ProviderThe Slot Provider is none other than the company who developed the slot. Simply click on the name of the provider to find our more about it!
Date Launched: Date LaunchedThe date when this slot game was launched. 08/12/2021
Theme: ThemeTheme is the general genre that the the slot could be classified as. One of the elements that makes slot games appealing, A nicely planned popular theme can potentially skyrocket the popularity of an online slot! Animals, Fishing, Gold, Waterworld
Jackpot: JackpotA stand-alone or multi-leveled progressive prize pool that a player can win at a given time, simply by spinning the reels.
Special Symbols: Special SymbolsThe special symbols of a slot are part of its mechanic. Elements such as Wilds, Scatters and regular paying symbols come together to form winning combinations. Bonus, Multipliers

Review Summary

Take a deep breath and dive into the fantastic online slot gaming experience Crazy Tooth has prepared for you! The Golden Hook slot is a prime example of the studio’s out-of-the-box thinking and innovative ways. A slot with no reels, rows, clusters, paylines, or pay ways – what an extraordinary piece! The high RTP of the slot, as well as its exciting bonus features and unique gameplay, will take your gambling journey to the next level and leave you wanting more. Take your fishing mood with you and get to test your fishing and gambling skills both in one slot. One hook, two fishes!

Slot Information

Return to Player (RTP): Return to Player (RTP)The Return to Player is a statistic that aims to show the player's edge over the casino - the higher this number is the better! We review all slots based on this RTP value so click on the percentage on the right to find our more slots with a similar RTP! 96.75%
Volatility/Variance: Volatility/VarianceVolatility or Variance is meant to describe the winning potential of a slot game: a high volatility will have you win big but no so often, while a low volatility will let you win frequently, but less. Medium
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Slot Type: Slot TypeSlots can be categorized as classic, 3D, video slots, etc. Click on the type of slot on the right to see similar types of slots! Video Slot
Rows: RowsPart of the design of the slot, the rows are the horizontal lines that trigger special features when certain paying symbols fall in place. 0
Reels: ReelsReels are the vertical lines that are build in the slots architecture; together with the rows they help trigger special winning combinations. 0
Paylines: PaylinesPaylines, or betting lines, are the pre-determined links of symbols across the rows and reels of a slot. A slot can have anywhere from just 1 payline or up to thousands paylines! 0
Slot Layout: Slot LayoutThe layout of the slot is the way the slot is built, based on the number of rows, reels and paylines.

Slot Features

Minimum Bet: Minimum BetThe minimum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $0.2
Maximum Bet: Maximum BetThe maximum accepted amount that will allow you to spin the reels of this slot game. $40
Maximum Win: Maximum WinThe total maximum amount that you could win triggering the biggest winning combo. $123280
Progressive Slot: Progressive SlotA progressive slot is a slot that keep on growing its total possible winning pool; usually linked by a network of slots. It is also known as a jackpot.
Auto Play Feature: Auto Play FeatureAuto Play is a built-in function on the slot interface that enables automatic spinning of the slot without the player having to press the Spin button on every spin. Usually, the function can be preset to auto execute a certain number of spins like 20,50, 100, or more. Players can typically define their bet amount and set loss limits before starting Auto Play.
Bonus Round Feature: Bonus Round FeatureThe Bonus game feature are the most interesting and profitable phase of the game that different from the ordinary repetitive gameplay. Usually it is triggered by landing several scatter or bonus symbols at the same time. The biggest wins in a slot are usually triggered during the Bonus game play.
Crash/Burst Feature: Crash/Burst FeatureWhen triggered, symbols on the reels explode or burst, creating space for new symbols to cascade down. This mechanic can lead to chain reactions of wins, with each burst potentially increasing multipliers or activating bonus features.
Available: Android, IOS, Windows


  • Gameplay allows for different betting strategies


  • Music and sound effects could be better
  • Game play a bit slow, takes awhile to reel in the fish
  • Sound volume control not intuitive to fine

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Golden Hook Gameplay

Golden Hook Gameplay

Golden Hook Win

Golden Hook Win

Golden Hook Bonus Catch

Golden Hook Bonus Catch

Golden Hook Bonus Game

Golden Hook Bonus Game

Get to Know the Golden Hook Slot!

Crazy Tooth Studio chose a target audience to satisfy with a themed slot once again. If your hobbies include fishing and gambling, then you are definitely going to appreciate the Golden Hook slot! At first glance, you might ask yourself – is this a slot, or is it not? The simple answer is yes. Golden Hook might not have any reels or rows, and that is what makes it so unique! Players get the whole lake fishing experience while winning exciting prizes represented by fish, which are literally jumping out of the water to bring even more to the journey. Relaxing waves, as well as the beautiful islands in the background and a cheerful soundtrack, will make you fully relax while your fishing rod catches you some prizes.

Where Can I Play the Golden Hook Slot?

The Golden Hook slot is a fantastic way to escape your boring everyday routine and win wonderful rewards while relaxing on your couch at home. You can find it available for play with real money at many online casinos that have partnered up with Crazy Tooth Studio. As for the demo-free version, you can scroll up and give it a try here at CasinoLandia!

A High RTP of 96,75% Makes the Golden Hook Slot Worth Playing!

Golden Hook is a very extraordinary video slot with an above-average Return to Player percentage of 96,75%. Along with its features, the RTP makes the slot absolutely worth playing. As if bringing players a one-of-a-kind gambling experience wasn ‘t enough for its creators!

Golden Hook Slot Review – the Serious Talk

The creative minds of Crazy Tooth Studio have once again proved their spectacular skills and innovative style by creating the Golden Hook slot. It combines two of many people ‘s hobbies – fishing and gambling to give players an experience in a class by itself. The slot is a rare product and is an excellent addition to the game libraries of online casinos. After all, you don ‘t get to actually fish for real money virtually every day. Well, in some sense, you are fishing for money when gambling, but that ‘s not the point! What ‘s important here is the potential of the Golden Hook slot and its awesome features that will make the presence in your living room feel just like a sunny day at the lake.

Golden Hook Slot – the Paytable Explained for You

As you probably have understood by now, there are no reels or rows in the Golden Hook slot. There are also no paylines, ways, or clusters – it ‘s just you in a boat with your fishing rod. The betting range starts at u00a3/€0.20 and ends at u00a3/€40 per cast-off, and players can win a maximum of x3082 their bet.

The True Meaning Behind the Symbols in Golden Hook Slot

When it comes to the gameplay and symbols of Golden Hook – that ‘s when the real fun is. Since the Golden Hook slot has no grid, there are no symbols except for fish you can hook. The first feature you will notice is the triple-colored meter at the top of the öPlay” button. In order to cast a spin, you need to click and hold down the button until the needle moves past the red section and hits the öWager”, which starts the game round. The prize hook gets cast off in the water, and if it does not hook a fish while the needle is in the blue section of the meter, you win nothing, and the round is over. However, the needle might get to the green section, meaning that you have hooked a fish and you are about to win money. This is the part where the adrenaline kicks in, because the longer you hold the öPlay” button, the bigger the prize you win. After winning the prize, you must click the öCollect” button on the right side of the meter to haul in your money.

Golden Hook Slot – Play Like a Pro!

In order to play like a pro and enjoy a gambling experience full of prizes, you must understand the mechanics of a slot and how it works. You can gather information using informative articles and reviews just like the ones we create here at CasinoLandia. That way, you will gain confidence and very important know-how, so you get the most out of your online gambling journey. The last few paragraphs of this review will reveal some helpful advice and tips, as well as full details on the backstage of the Golden Hook slot. Let ‘s get into it!

Develop Your Own Betting Strategy

A great way to remain satisfied with your gameplay at the Golden Hook slot is to build a solid betting strategy to use when placing your bets. By all means, a good strategy doesn ‘t guarantee a 100% winning situation, but it does help a lot with building your gambling confidence. Consider all of your available resources, like time and funds, and base your gameplay plan entirely on them. That way, you never spend more than you can actually afford and keep your good mood up!

Play Here, Play There, Play Everywhere – Golden Hook Slot and Mobile Compatibility

Crazy Tooth Studio is a highly mobile-oriented software developer company that hustles hard to meet the expectations of even the pickiest gamblers. For that reason, they use HTML5 technology when creating their products, which helps scale the games to small-screen devices, meaning that the Golden Hook slot is compatible with all mobile devices. Place your bets on any platform powered by Windows, Android, or iOS, and see what the lake has hidden in its waters for you!

Spin for Free Now, Thank Us Later!

As mentioned earlier, CasinoLandia has the demo-free version of the Golden Hook slot available on our site. Go ahead and give it a try, and see the action unfold right before your eyes!

Tips and Tricks on the Golden Hook Slot – How to Win Big

Although slots are RNG games, meaning that there is nothing in this world that can guarantee you a win on a slot game, there are some helpful tips you can keep in mind to maintain a safe and satisfying online gambling environment. The first tip is to gamble only at casinos that are fully monitored and regulated and have obtained a license from a well-reputed gambling authority only due to safety reasons. Next, set healthy gambling boundaries and avoid gambling using your credit card unless you have immaculate self-control – that way, you never spend more than you can actually afford. You can also try the demo-free version of the Golden Hook slot and see the atmosphere for yourself. This helps with introducing yourself to the plot and its mechanics. Lastly, use a solid strategy that will boost your winning chances at the Golden Hook slot.

Watch Out – Bonuses and Free Spins Fall Down on The Grid!

Regardless of the fact that there are no symbols or a grid, the Golden Hook slot is packed with extraordinary bonus features which will help you accumulate bigger wins. The first of the two is a Multiplier Feature, which can get randomly triggered when you hook a fish during the base game and increases the collected prize amount with a random multiplier of x2 to x10. Golden Hook Bonus is triggered by a golden bonus fish that occasionally jumps out of the water to try and catch the hook. Once the bonus is activated, the play shifts and the screen displays numerous fish which swim beneath a boat sitting on top of the water, and possess a varying credit amount. There are also crabs scuttling along the sand during the Golden Hook bonus, and they act as a x2 multiplier. Sit down and watch a fishing line drop from the boat to randomly catch any water animal and award you exciting prizes!

Golden Hook Slot – Volatility and Variance

The Golden Hook slot has a medium volatility level, which makes it suitable for all gambling styles and players of all rankings. Whether you are a newbie or an experienced high-roller, you will be satisfied with your fishing journey at the slot!

Is the Rhino Rilla Rex Slot Still on Top of the Charts? CasinoLandia's Verdict

Hands down, Golden Hook is definitely a casino game you should try at some point throughout your online gambling experience. The rare design and mechanics of the slot make it so much worth the hype! Needless to say, Crazy Tooth Studio has failed to disappoint once again by bringing this fantastic product to the iGaming industry market. Get your fishing mood on and prepare for this aqua adventure packed with marvelous prizes!

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