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Peter & Sons Unveils Pop Cop: A Unique Slot Adventure in Neopolis

The Pop Cop slot unveils an intriguing storyline featuring City Cop, offering players a high-volatility experience on a 5x6 grid with unique features like scatter pay and area multipliers. With a potential max win of over 10,000 times the bet, Pop Cop delivers an immersive gaming escapade with cascading symbols and a captivating Free Spins feature for a riveting and unpredictable gameplay experience.
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Christian McDeen | Caesar of Lands of Betting and Live Casino

Updated: Jun 3, 2024

Peter & Sons Unveils Pop Cop: A Unique Slot Adventure in Neopolis

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Casino players can anticipate the launch of Peter & Sons‘ latest creation, the Pop Cop slot. This innovative game introduces players to the compelling story of City Cop, a former policewoman navigating the intricate web between right and wrong. Departing from routine patrols, she speeds through the city's turbulent streets on her trusty motocompo, armed with quick wits and a mission to intercept the next major heist.

Pop Cop distinguishes itself as a high-volatility video slot, unfolding on a 5×6 grid to provide an immersive and engaging gaming experience. Employing Scatter Pays mechanics with Cascades, Area Multipliers, and a robust Free Spins feature, the game promises a noteworthy max win potential, exceeding 10,000 times the initial bet.

Pop Cop by Peter and Sons
Max Win

Pop Cop

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13 plays

Setting itself apart with a unique gameplay mechanic, Pop Cop introduces Scatter Pays, where symbols begin paying out with a minimum of 8 identical symbols scattered across the panel, not necessarily adjacent. As winning symbols disappear, a cascade effect ensues, injecting dynamism into the gameplay and setting the stage for potential consecutive wins.

Adding an element of unpredictability, an Area Multiplier, ranging from 2x to 10x, can spontaneously activate. This multiplier applies to a designated area if the same symbol occupies that zone, extending its influence to include scatters, thereby amplifying the potential for significant wins.

The Free Spins feature within Pop Cop takes center stage, requiring 4 or more scatters to unlock. While an initial 4 Scatters reward players with 10 free spins, each additional scatter contributes 5 free spins to the player's total. Further enhancing the thrill, 3 or more scatters during Free Spins retrigger the feature and introduce a Square multiplier, randomly assigning values ranging from 5x up to an impressive 50x.

For players seeking an enhanced gaming experience, Pop Cop introduces the Golden Bet option. For an additional x0.2 per bet, players can increase their chances of landing multipliers and triggering Free Spins, providing a strategic element to their gameplay and catering to those who enjoy a nuanced approach to risk and reward.

In addition to the Golden Bet, Pop Cop offers the option to Buy Free Spins, allowing players to purchase entry into the Free Spins round directly. This feature caters to those who prefer a more immediate and streamlined approach to accessing the game's most exciting and rewarding element.

Pop Cop by Peter & Sons is a distinctive addition to the slot gaming landscape, weaving a narrative-rich experience against the backdrop of Neopolis. With its innovative features like Scatter Pays, Area Multipliers, and an enticing Free Spins game, coupled with optional features such as Golden Bet and Buy Free Spins, the game offers a diverse and engaging experience for enthusiasts of the slot genre.

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