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MGA Implements Updates to Incident Reporting System for Licensees

The Malta Gaming Authority has introduced significant updates to its Incident Reporting mechanism, streamlining the process for licensees to report information security breaches promptly and efficiently. Through implementing the 'Technical – Information Security Incident' reporting instrument, licensees now have clearer guidelines and procedures to ensure compliance with regulatory requirements and uphold transparency within the iGaming industry.
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Malta Gaming Authority

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Updated: Apr 19, 2024

MGA Implements Updates to Incident Reporting System for Licensees

MGA LogoTo bolster transparency and accountability within Malta's iGaming industry, the Malta Gaming Authority (MGA) has implemented significant updates to its Incident Reporting mechanism. These updates, tailored specifically for licensees, seek to provide clearer guidelines and procedures for the timely reporting of information security breaches.

Under the regime outlined in Articles 37(2)(c) and (d) of the Gaming Authorisations and Compliance Directive (Directive 3 of 2018), licensees are mandated to promptly notify the MGA of any breaches that compromise player confidentiality or impede player access to their accounts for an extended period. The recent introduction of the ‘Technical – Information Security Incident' reporting instrument within the Licensee Portal streamlines this reporting process, ensuring adherence to regulatory requirements.

Licensees accessing the Licensee Portal will now encounter the newly integrated ‘Technical – Information Security Incident' option, prominently featured within the “New/Change” dropdown menu. This intuitive interface guides users through a series of mandatory fields and prompts submitting relevant documentation to accompany Incident Reports.

licensesOnce submitted, Incident Reports undergo rigorous review by MGA authorities. Any deficiencies or discrepancies identified during the review process are promptly communicated to the licensee for clarification. Timely response and resolution of these issues are imperative to expedite the processing of Incident Reports and maintain regulatory compliance.

Upon completion of the review and resolution process, Incident Reports deemed satisfactory by MGA authorities are officially closed, with all pertinent documentation securely archived for future reference. Additionally, to ensure the integrity of the incident reporting system, any Incident Reports left in a ‘Draft' state for an extended period exceeding ninety days are automatically purged from the system.

Implementing these comprehensive updates underscores the MGA's commitment to fostering a culture of transparency, accountability, and regulatory compliance within the iGaming industry. By providing licensees with enhanced tools and resources for incident reporting, the MGA aims to safeguard the interests of players and stakeholders while upholding the integrity of Malta's gaming regulatory framework.

The impact of these updates extends beyond regulatory compliance, influencing the broader iGaming ecosystem in Malta. By streamlining incident reporting processes and promoting proactive engagement with regulatory authorities, licensees are empowered to mitigate risks effectively and uphold industry best practices. Ultimately, these measures contribute to the continued growth and sustainability of Malta's iGaming sector, reinforcing its position as a global leader in online gaming regulation and oversight.

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