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Frozen Age Slot Unleashes Arctic Riches

Dive into the frosty allure of Peter and Sons' Frozen Age, where colossal Monster Blocks, synchronized symbols, and Wild Respins beckon players to unravel Arctic mysteries on a 6x6 grid. With a high volatility adventure and a Free Spins spectacle offering up to 36 spins, the icy landscape promises a thrilling quest for online casino players seeking monumental wins in this winter wonderland.
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Christian McDeen | Caesar of Lands of Betting and Live Casino

Updated: Jan 25, 2024

Frozen Age Slot Unleashes Arctic Riches

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In the heart of a frozen saga, brave adventurer Batista embarks on a frosty quest with Peter and Sons' groundbreaking release – Frozen Age. Concealed within the polar ice, ancient creatures lie dormant, offering players a chance to unveil the secrets of epochs gone by and potentially discover the true G.O.A.T.

Frozen Age plunges players into an exhilarating journey across a 6×6 grid, set against a backdrop of frosty mysteries waiting to be unraveled. This video slot, teeming with high volatility, introduces a thrilling gaming escapade featuring Monster Blocks, roaming wilds, and an enthralling Free Spins spectacle enriched with Wild Respins, Synced Blocks, and retriggers.

Frozen Age by Peter and Sons
Max Win

Frozen Age

No star
4 plays

At the core of Frozen Age lies the awe-inspiring Monster Blocks – gargantuan symbols that dominate the reels in formations ranging from 2×2 to 6×6. These colossal entities are symbols of potential fortune, promising grandiose wins as players navigate the icy terrain.

Introducing Synced Blocks, a mesmerizing feature that spontaneously transforms all Monster Blocks into identical symbols. This dynamic element adds a touch of symphony to the gameplay, unlocking the potential for colossal combinations and elevating the excitement to new heights.

Activated at random during the base game, Wild Respins inject an element of unpredictability. Based on the initial Wild block size, this feature adds 1-6 roaming wilds to the panel, paving the way for an exhilarating respin with roaming wilds changing positions. If these wilds land on a Monster Block, the entire block transforms into a Wild, setting the stage for extraordinary payouts.

Frozen Age's crown jewel is the Free Spins feature, triggered by 5 or more scatters. Players embark on an expedition through up to 36 free spins, collecting roaming wilds to unlock tiers and earning 2 extra spins with each tier reached. The panel multiplier ascends, potentially reaching up to 10x with the accumulation of 50+ roaming wilds. Scatter appearances during Free Spins add a layer of thrill, awarding additional free spins and intensifying the potential for colossal wins.

For those yearning for an extra dose of excitement, the Golden Bet feature beckons. For a small additional fee of x0.5 per bet, players enhance their chances of encountering Monster Blocks and triggering Free Spins. This optional layer of strategy invites players to strategically tailor their gameplay, adding an exciting dimension to the quest for Arctic riches.

In a daring twist, players can buy Random Free Spins, with 6 to 24 free spins randomly granted. This feature serves as a shortcut to the heart of the action, offering an instant entry into the captivating world of Frozen Age without waiting for the serendipitous alignment of scatters.

As players brace themselves for an avalanche of wins, Frozen Age is a testament to Peter and Sons' commitment to pushing the boundaries of online slot gaming. This Arctic expedition promises a chilling yet thrilling experience, enticing online casino enthusiasts to immerse themselves in the frozen mysteries and potentially uncover the true G.O.A.T. of online slots. The icy adventure awaits, where each spin unveils a new chapter in the wintry saga of Frozen Age.

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